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This week I’ve got another recipe for you. I’m here every week, every Wednesday, cooking up vegan love.
I wanted to keep things light, easy and fresh for January You’re probably trying to eat a little healthier, a little lighter after the holidays. This is one of my go-to meals I’m gonna show you how to make today. It’s a simple lunch or dinner that you can prep in advance and have ready to go throughout the week. I’m gonna show you how to make this beautiful, colorful Asian noodle salad with edamame and sweet ginger soy dressing, so it’s almost like a “superfood-y” sort of chow mein, but it’s got salad and noodles, which I always love combining both, because I need to eat my veggies, but I always want to eat noodles! So there is some fried chow mein noodles on top, some fried edamame and then kale, cabbage, red pepper, carrots, all kinds of good veggies mixed in there you know, to keep you alive, so let’s start by making the sweet ginger soy dressing. So we’re gonna make the dressing in a blender. We’re gonna add some knobs of ginger, you can add less, but I like it very gingery. We’re gonna add miso paste, add in some rice wine vinegar You’re gonna add sunflower oil. Plus a little bit of sesame oil for some added flavor. And you can use agave, brown rice syrup or maple syrup, just something sweet. And water. And now blend the dressing until it’s really smooth. So run the blender, you know, make sure the oil and everything gets emulsified, everything’s smooth in there. Taste it, make sure you like it. Perfecto. Set that aside, you can refrigerate that, you can have that in the fridge for the whole week. I’ve got a pot of water boiling here for the chow mein noodles. Chow mein often has egg in it, but look for a wheat and water noodle, so just check the ingredients. This is wheat and water and salt. And we’re boiling half a pound of noodles, which is half this package, four servings. These only take three minutes at a rolling boil so don’t overcook them. So while those are cooking ,we’re gonna prep this kale. For this particular salad, because it’s nice and hearty, I like using the dinosaur kale or the lacinato kale, which is the darker, green, leafy kale. and we’re gonna cut it very finely into shreds or ribbons, and you just need to take out the middle stem, so I just take my knife and cut off the leaves. Again, this can all be prepped in advance and left in the fridge ready to go. So take a chunk, I mean you want to roughly chop it, but make sure it’s really finely chopped. I just take a chunk, and then I go down the line like this. Really thin shreds or ribbons. Add all your kale to a bowl and then just combine it with carrot ribbons, shredded purple cabbage and green onion. And this is gonna be the base of your salad, so this mixture you can just have in the fridge, ready to go. Don’t dress it, and it won’t get soggy. Okay, so we’re moving fast. You’re multitasking. I just drained the noodles. Don’t rinse them, set them aside, okay, so heat your pan to a medium -high, you want a hot pan because we’re gonna try to crisp up and brown these edamame like, almost like flash-frying them, just add about a teaspoon, half a teaspoon of sesame oil there. So all of this, the edamame component, the noodle component, the salad component and the dressing component can all be prepped and then stored separately in the fridge And then when you want to assemble a salad to take to work, put it all in a container or make it quickly for dinner and you’re good to go. You just want the pan to be hot when the edamame go in, so spread the edamame out into one even layer and as soon as they hit the pan, add a little bit of tamari or soy sauce and then toss to coat everything. and then let them fry for about five minutes in an even layer, tossing once or twice until you get a nice, brown color on them. So lower the heat just a little bit, the pan is quite hot right now and we’re gonna do the noodles in there and fry them for like two to three minutes in a little bit of oil, in a little bit of soy sauce as well. This is fast, you just want to get like, you might not even need extra oil, there might be enough on there. Just to give them a little bit more texture by frying them Some will be crispy, some will be soft. Just a little bit more tamari or soy sauce. Only add a little bit of oil if they’re sticking and that way you can store the noodles and they won’t get all sticky in the fridge as leftovers. The fact that everything’s warm right now is how I like to serve the salad, so you have like, the cold, leafy stuff and then the warm noodles and the warm edamame on top. So we’re pretty much good to go. I’m gonna make a salad right now, obviously, to show you. So before serving, if you’re gonna make this for dinner, do this at home if you’re gonna do this for lunch, don’t dress anything until you get to work or school or whatever and then dress the whole salad, but for plating purposes, I’m taking some of the salad, per serving or however much you’re using and dressing the base a little bit. So just toss this, this is how you can get the kale a bit more massaged. And now we can plate that, use that as the base and add everything else on top. There it is, super-fast, super-easy, the Asian noodle salad with edamame and sweet ginger soy dressing. I also added thinly julienned red pepper and a little bit of bean sprouts for some crunch and rawness and you know, in reality. I would probably just stand here and eat this whole plate of fried noodles! We’ll get to that in a second. but you know, I added a little bit of extra there in the recipe, cause you’re gonna want more than what’s actually sitting in this nicely styled bowl. I know you! All right, now, before serving, I like this, like I said, because it’s warm and cold at the same time. Add some more dressing on top. This will keep in the fridge for a few days. And now if you’re adventurous like me, you’ll use chopsticks to eat your Asian noodle salad. Got to break it up, though. So get a little bit of everything. I’m having difficulties today. You know first couple weeks back at it. Not as Not as uh, “with it” Okay, that’s a big bite. You ready for this? I love the edamame because it gets like, sweet and uber salty from like, cooking them in the soy sauce. You could add, you know, tofu in here, if you wanted to, but I just want to keep this like, strictly, you know mostly vegetables. You’re getting the whole soy from the edamame anyway Mmm. I just wanna eat this whole thing, so I’m gonna leave you in a few seconds here, because I just want to finish eating. Mmm. It’s really this dressing. I love this dressing. Okay guys, hope you like this one. It was super-quick, super-easy. It is just a regular go-to for me. It’s been on the blog for a while. Maybe some of you have tried it, if you haven’t, let me know what you think, post some photos on social media, tag @hotforfood or hashtag #hotforfood so I can see what you made. Sometimes I even share your creations from our blog on insta stories, so you might be a lucky duck. I have so much kale and stuff going on my teeth, so I should probably just stop talking. Mmm! Look, we have a whole year ahead of recipes to do. I’m here every Wednesday cooking up vegan love for you. I am Hot for Food, I’m Lauren Toyota, so subscribe and if you have any recipe suggestions for the year, please leave a comment below and of course anything that’s going to be in the Hot for Food cookbook “Vegan Comfort Classics”, I probably won’t make a video of, so if I ignore you, that’s because the recipe’s probably already in the cookbook. I did lots of classic comfort foods for that, so be sure to preorder it, the link is below. If you’ve already pre-ordered it, thank you so much and claim your free ebook, which I’ve also outlined all that information in the description, so I’ll see you guys next Wednesday. Thank you, thank you, thank you for watching, for being Hot for Foodies, for loving to cook, for going vegan, vegan-ish, vegetarian, whatever Okay, I’ll see you next week. Bye!

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