As If The Dog’s Mouth Was Put Inside A Blender.. (Part 1) | Kritter Klub

Hosoon breastfeeding her puppies Writhing in agony Owner trying to keep her from hurting herself Severely injured Her skin is trembling She can’t think straight He tries to be strong for the dog But he breaks down too A few days ago, Hosoon came back with wounds Its upper chin, teeth and the roof of her mouth.. Everything was a mess They stitched up the wounds The vet said that words could not express how terrible this is That it might be best to put it to sleep (Don’t give up on me) But Hosoon has 20-day-old puppies Stays strong for her puppies She was breastfeeding as soon as she came back from the hospital Mommy puts her puppies first Ahh Gets fed with a syringe Even eating is painful I don’t want to see her suffer Hosoon gets transported to a specialized hospital It’s severely injured Bones broken into pieces, and the tissue on the roof of her mouth is torn And its nose moves too It’s all torn as if with a blender It’s impossible for a human to have done this It looks like a beast had attacked her (What happened to Hosoon?) Asks around.. A wild boar comes down from there And digs up the rice field It’s likely that Hosoon was attacked by the wild boar The puppies are waiting for their mother Uses 3D printing to reconstruct it Hosoon ah~ Hosoon ah~ Hosoon ah~ Hosoon ah~ My puppies must’ve been hungry For the first time in forever If Hosoon died I would think about Hosoon all the time So I’ll take good care of her until the end

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