Are KitchenAid Stand Mixers Worth the Money?

Are KitchenAid stand mixers worth the money? I don’t know if it is worth it to spend four
hundred dollars for an Artisan mixer that comes in thirty different colors. Kitchenaid stand mixers have a pretty good
reputation. You could get a mixer almost as good for half
the price or less, if you can live with black, white or stainless steel. Kitchenaid has a longstanding reputation for
quality. I think my mother and my grandmother had their mixers. Their mixers bowls make it hard to add ingredients
while mixing. Yet it is advertised to heavy bakers and cooks
who would be exactly the people who want to do that. Kitchenaid suggests locking the head during
mixing to reduce the chance of the attachment knob vibrating off during use. You’d expect that such an expensive appliance
should not have that problem. The mixers are heavy. You aren’t going to
be picking it up and moving it from shelf to counter and back. That’s probably why they sell a mixer cover.
Or why they sell it in so many decorative colors. The accessories are almost as expensive as
the mixer. But they have accessories almost no one else
has, from meat grinders to nut grinders to spaghetti makers. The Kitchenaid meat grinder has problems with
metal pieces coming off during use. Their glass bowls have measurement marks on
the sides. If you are that much of a chef, I think you’ll
have your own measuring cups. And repairing a Kitchenaid mixer costs as much as buying
a new one, when anything goes wrong. That’s standard in the appliance industry. When you have problems with the mixer, the
company likes to say you abused it or over-used it. They are reluctant to send small cheap
replacement parts for a $400 mixer. You’re right. If I pay half as much for a
mixer as a fridge, a $5 part shouldn’t be that much of a hassle. At least Kitchenaid is consistent; it is as
costly to fix the small appliances as the big ones. But they aren’t worth paying more for just
as much or little mixer capability, decorative benefits aside. If you want to decorate your kitchen, get
decorator items – not pay twice as much for a mixer.

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