Are KitchenAid Refrigerators Reliable?

Are KitchenAid refrigerators reliable? Kitchenaid only gives a one year warranty
for their fridges. Their competition routinely gives two year warranties. There are jokes about engineers carefully
designing fridges to last as long as the warranty plus one more day. And Kitchenaid’s warranty is half that of
the competition. That could just be a company decision. It
doesn’t necessarily reflect on the quality of the product. Their customer service is horrible, though
it isn’t as bad as LG sending a repairman before saying they will send him back in a
few days with the replacement part. I suppose that means KitchenAid is better. Their repairmen sometimes go overboard on
repairs. But you want the unit fixed. If you go in for a stalling car and they replace
an O2 sensor, valves and engine controller because any of them is the problem, that isn’t
a solution. It is a rip-off for being charged for three parts and labor instead of narrowing
down the one true cause. But that’ll fix the problem. And charge you for two parts that didn’t need
to be replaced, while you have to pay for them. Not cool. Now their fridges don’t generate reports that
they don’t cool, something Samsung is sadly famous for. Kitchenaid fridges tend to weep. Don’t they have weep holes? They shouldn’t need weep holes; that’s what
dehumidifiers are for. Or, rather, moisture control. A little condensation is normal in a fridge. This is bad enough to require routinely toweling
down the interior like a champion athlete, but without the million dollar paydays. Or
it will rust the inside of the fridge if not warp the floor beneath it. To say nothing of the food. If you like mushrooms, you might like the
results. Otherwise, you’ll be better off leaving vegetables on the counter than in the crisper. OK, that’s not what I would consider proper
performance in a refrigerator.

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