Animation Sherpa – Free Baqir rig Blender version – Presentation video

– Hi there, my name is Pierrick. I’m a Blender Foundation certified trainer and I’m also the CG
director at Atypique Studio, working on the game
“NOARA: The Conspiracy”. On behalf of Richard Lico, Animation Sherpa I had the pleasure to work
on the Blender version of the Baqir character rig. You can get the rig for free
by going onto Animation Sherpa and following the few steps on the screen. The Blender version of the rig
is packed into a zipped file. Just unzip the whole file and double-click the Blender
file to open the rig. All the character textures
and shader are already set up. To properly display the
UI of the character rig you will need to open the script editor, load the rig UI python script
and press ‘run script’. Or, I advise you to install
the Bone Layer Manager add-on. For me, it’s a mandatory
add-on for my rigging and animation workflow,
developed by my buddy, Fin. Just go into the documentation PDF provided with this character rig and click the link to his Gumroad page. You can download the add-on for free and then go into ‘edit
preferences’, ‘add-on’, ‘install’ and just install from zip
and activate the add-on. A new tab will appear in the
‘N’ panel of the 3D view. This panel will give you access
to the different rig layers, allowing you to display the bones for the arms, the legs,
the torso et cetera. Selecting the star icon bone on top of the head of the character will give you access to
the custom properties such as the inverse kinematic
to forward kinematic switch or masking tools. While this is not part of
the workflow of Richard, this will allow you to start the animation in the rigging setup you prefer. The idea is to keep the
rig as simple as possible but with versatility. Most of these custom properties
are self-explanatory. Whenever you will use the switch from inverse kinematic
to forward kinematic, it will change your arm or legs behavior. You can choose whether
your IK arms are following the cog or main torso transformations, and you can choose, for most of the features of the character, whether you want them
to follow the rotation of their parent or not. I’ve also added a last
feature that I really enjoy, is to be able to mask the arms, the legs or even the backpack, so that you can read part of your character more clearly when animating. Finally, in the documentation
you will find a link to the Wiggle Bones add-on. This will allow you to add
physics behaviors to your rig. Since I’ve just rapidly tested it, I won’t talk that much about it. The only advice I will give you, is to set the stretching
and the gravity to zero. This will avoid a lot of
bugs I had during my tests. This is the end of this video. On behalf of Richard Lico and myself, I wish you the best
with this character rig and I hope you will enjoy it. See you.

7 thoughts on “Animation Sherpa – Free Baqir rig Blender version – Presentation video

  • I really hope you can make a Blender version of the video, instead of just rigging files, I can pay, I do n’t understand MAYA

  • Very nice, just the Bone layer Manager was a founding, I did a rigged character once and I could see the ik/fk layers, but whenever I importes ( as this character ) I couldn't find the layers. Thanks!

  • How's the rig with exporting to game engines? With rigify there's a lot of prep, and I usually need to create a stripped version of the rigify rig, and bake the animation to that rig because there's a few hundred bones and I can't be exporting them too – the cleanup and baking is very time consuming.

  • Bonjour Pierrick,
    je suis abonné à votre chaîne depuis 4 ans et je modélise pas mal sous Blender. Je m'attaque à présent à la modélisation de personnage et souhaiterai avoir votre oeil critique sur mon personnage que j'ai modélisé et que je souhaiterai animer avec les bones.
    Voici le lien vers mon personnage:

    Par la même occasion, je serai interressé par votre série de tutos sur le Jack Russel mais est-ce que vous l'avez aussi en français, svp ?

    Merci pour vos tutos et bonne année 2020.

    Gil de la chaîne GrandimaJ

    Voici mon artstation :

  • Amazing how much content and resources you have provided us with and it’s only January. I can’t wait to try out this rig. Thank You!🙌🏽

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