Angle-Grinder Man

superhero seemed to be a vanishing breed but in Great Britain there is a vigilante fighting for truth justice and the freedom of your car meet angle grinder man the English superhero was born when meter maids put a clamp on a mild-mannered motorists front tire the driver bought an angle grinder so double flashy costume and went to work freeing the people of London this if anyone can fix it and grind a man and he soars this thing off I’m just like what’s going on after bath 30 seconds it is off anyone off it’s not enough car parking spaces for people we’ve got no public transport system to speak of it’s a complete joke and yet the instead of us suing the government for and the counties with shambolic mismanagement we allow them to take back money from us the very people that they’ve let down so I drove my car happiest can be done for any stress right there he goes angle grinder man refuses to accept payment for his rescues if you’re planning on getting the boot in Britain we know how to get a hold of them just head to WWE my calm I don’t know what the bobbies there think of his antics but oh well you know that the outfit though you can tell he worked along you

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