All about Plums! Purple Plum Smoothie Recipe

Hey everybody! Today we’re making the Purple Plum Smoothie
Recipe. I’m Jenna the founder of Greenblender and
welcome to our smoothie video series, for those of you who don’t know Greenblender’s
a smoothie delivery service and we send all the pre-portioned ingredients and superfoods
to make amazing smoothies at home. So this smoothie is anti-inflammatory, immune
boosting, and low calorie, and it’s gonna be delicious. We are incorporating plums into the menu this
week and these guys are a very cool little fruit, they’re stone fruits and if you can
believe it, they’re actually related and a part of the rose family now there’s over 200
different varieties of plums and they grow all over the world, basically you can find
plum trees on every continent except for Antarctica, it’s the second most cultivated fruit in the
world and it is high in potassium (which is great for your blood pressure) and low on
the glycemic index (which is also great if you are trying to inhibit blood sugar spikes). The other thing is that purple fruits in general
have a pigment called anthocyanins and that is helpful for anti-inflammatory properties,
so this little fruit, this little plum right here, is an amazing fruit full of benefits,
has a wide vibrant story, and we’re going to make a smoothie out of it! So let me show you what else is in the recipe
we’re going to do 1 yellow squash, 1 plum, 4oz of grapes, 3tbsp of almonds, and a tsp
of acai berry powder. So this is going to be, obviously a purple
smoothie, and let’s get started! I’m going to throw in these grapes, grapes
are one of those things that are amazing to freeze so if you need to have an after-dinner
sweet snack grapes are one of my go-to things I just keep them in the freezer and if I need
that extra sweet tooth I definitely grab a couple of those. So, this is a beautiful plum, look at that. Plums are one of the type of fruit that do
not sweeten after they’re picked. When they are picked, they will just get softer
but they’re not going to get sweeter the longer you let them sit. Some fruits like bananas and pears will sweeten
the longer you let them ripen but plums are not one of those types. Let’s get this stone out. Throw this in here. Now my favorite, talk about potassium, yellow
squash is a great way to get more potassium I like to call them healthy fillers because
they do not really change the flavor of the smoothies but they’re going to add some extra
bulk to it so that’s really great. We’re going to throw in 3tbsp of almonds,
almonds have great healthy fats they’re going to make the smoothie really very creamy and
acai berries are hailed from South America, they also have amphacyanine the pigment, really
high anti-inflammatory properties, and they also have antioxidants. Alright let’s blend this up! *Blender ~whirring~* Alright now let’s give this a try. If you’re just tuning in welcome feel free
to comment below if you’ve ever had a plum smoothie and be sure to give this video a
good “like”! So here we go! It is good! It’s very sweet, the plum and the grapes,
it’s creamy with the almonds, an all-around delicious low-calorie snack to start your
day off right. Until tomorrow, cheers!

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