Advanced Console Streaming WITHOUT a Capture Card or PC!

– What’s up guys, welcome back once again to the Gaming Careers YouTube channel. I had a realization the other day, that I had uploaded dozens of guides for PC streamers that want to livestream to sites like Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, using any kind of streaming software, but I’ve really neglected
those console streamers, people that wanna play
games on their console and livestream those. Typically, there’s two different ways that console streamers can livestream. You could either livestream
from the console itself, using like the Twitch or the Mixer app, but the customization that you can have for your stream is somewhat limited. Really, all you can do
is maybe add a webcam in a predefined location
on top of your game, but that’s about it. There’s no real way of adding alerts for followers, subscribers or donations. There’s no way to add overlays, you can’t overlay your chat,
or anything really like that. If you did want to add
all of those fancy extras on top of your console gameplay, the only real option was
to have a capture card and a gaming computer of some sort, so that you could plug in your console to the capture card and then use a normal streaming software to overlay all of those cool things
on top of your livestream, but that is not only expensive, but it’s also quite a complex setup. So, console streamers were
kind of caught in this balance of having either a super basic livestream with just gameplay and your webcam, which was obviously free
if you’e doing the console, versus a really expensive setup, but that, a setup that
allowed you to have all of those extras on top of your livestream. Well, all of that ends now,
thanks to the new integration between something called
Lightstream and Mixer. Lightstream is a cloud-based
streaming software that allows you to stream from your Xbox, still adding in all of
your overlays and alerts, without needing a PC or
a capture card at all. Now, Lightstream itself
allows you to stream to any streaming platform,
so Twitch, YouTube, Mixer or Facebook, but in this
video I’m specifically gonna be talking about the
Xbox and Mixer integration. And remember, this all
goes out live from my Xbox without any need for a capture card or even a PC to be running at all. You will need a PC or laptop of some sort to do just this initial setup, where you’re designing, customizing and creating your stream, but it doesn’t need to be a good computer, it just needs to have
an internet connection. You could even use a school
or library computer to do it and it only ever needs to
be done during this setup. Once that’s done, you can completely run and manage your stream
without a computer at all. The integration between
Mixer and Lightstream is currently available for
all Mixer partners and pros. All you have to do, is head over to your broadcast dashboard on Mixer, scroll down, and enable the integration and then remember to click save first, and now that that integration is enabled, anything that you broadcast
to the Mixer channel, will route through Lightstream. So, next thing to look at is entering into Lightstream Studio,
so just click that button and authorize your Mixer account. So, this is Lightstream Studio. This is where you’ll
arrange all of your scenes and sources for your livestream. In the middle here is your canvas, this is basically a preview of what you’re gonna be sending out to your stream whenever you go live. Up at the top here we have some controls, allowing you to enable or
disable the integration, as well as showing some info as to whether your stream is currently live or offline. Here in the left, we have
our layers or sources. If you’re used to previous
streaming software, for each scene. So, this is where you’ll be able to add all of those extra elements that we were talking about to your stream, things like text, images,
alerts and overlays. Bottom left here, we
have our audio controls. This is where we can control
how loud different sounds are. Down in the bottom, you
finally have your scenes. This is where you can
add additional scenes, so if you want you know,
a be right back scene or an intermission scene, as
well as your gameplay scene, this is where you can add and choose which one you’re displaying. And then finally, over here on the right, you can pop open your Mixer chat and get a live preview of
what is being broadcast. Now by default, Lightstream
has already added your Mixer feed into scene one. So, this feed is basically
whatever you stream from your Xbox to Mixer. So, in most cases this is
gonna be your game play, or maybe this is gonna be your
game play plus your webcam. Then we’re gonna be adding all of the extra elements on top of that, like overlays and alerts,
here in Lightstream. So to start customizing how
your stream is gonna look, I’d recommend first firing up your Xbox, so that we just get a game preview to come through into Lightstream. It’s gonna make positioning your overlays and elements much easier,
’cause you don’t want to have a stream design where some of your overlays are blocking
important parts of the game. So, fire up your Xbox and fire up a game that you think you’re gonna be streaming. Next, you’re gonna want
to press the Xbox button on your controller and head across to the “Broadcast” and “Capture” tab. Click broadcast and sign into Mixer. Now, if you have a USB webcam that you want to use for your stream, you can plug that directly into your Xbox. I’d recommend doing so, I think it makes for a more immersive
and interactive stream when you can actually see the streamer that’s playing the game. So I’ve just plugged in
a cheap Logitech C920. Kind of an industry
standard for streaming, ’cause it’s cheap, it’s very good quality and it’s plug and play, so you can plug it into your computer or into your Xbox directly. So, I’ll come down to
the camera options here, enable the camera, and
just change the position, the zoom and the pan so that my image fits nicely into the stream. Finally, you can click “Start
broadcast,” close the menu, and then head back over to Lightstream and you should now see that your Xbox feed is coming through into
the Lightstream Studio. So, here’s where the real fun begins, now you can start to add in the overlays and alert integrations all on
top of this Xbox live feed. The first thing I’m going to do, is add a webcam overlay to my livestream, just because the way that
Xbox adds a webcam in, it doesn’t look particularly
aesthetically pleasing. I think just like a
border around my webcam would integrate it a little bit better into my livestream. So to do that, all we need to do, is come up here to the
layers, click the green button to add a new layer, and then
choose image as our media type. Now, with all overlays and alert designs, Mixer and Lightstream have
actually done you a huge favor and already included a whole host of example overlays that you can see here, for you to choose from and
use freely if you like. Alternatively, if you
want to upload your own, if you’ve designed some yourself or maybe you’ve purchased
some, like a premium pack. I personally already have many of the Nerd or Die overlays downloaded, so I’m gonna be using one of those. So, if you would like
to follow along exactly with the tutorial as I’m doing it, I will leave a link in the description to the overlays that I’m using. But really, you can browse through here, the Lightstream, and then mix overlays that they’ve got included
or as I’m going to do, upload my own, so I just
click “Upload image,” and then I browse to
find it on my computer, allow that to upload, and then click okay. Now, if you’re used to
streaming or Photoshop or any of those programs,
one thing that’s key here is that you want to make
sure that your layers are in the right order. So, these layers in the top left, if you think of them as
like layers of a cake, so if you have your Mixer feed above your webcam feed, then the webcam is not gonna show at all, because it’s technically
hidden by the gameplay. So, you wanna make sure
that this webcam overlay that you have is just
one above the Mixer feed, that way it’ll display
above what your Xbox is streaming to Lightstream and then we’re gonna have a nice border. So, you should see that we have a webcam border here now,
what you wanna do now is reposition it, resize it, so that it fits exactly around the webcam that we have from our Xbox. The next thing that I want
to add to my stream is alert, so that whenever somebody
follows, subscribes or donates to my stream,
a nice little alert will show on top of my gameplay. It’s a super interactive way to bring your viewers along for the ride, make them feel part of your stream and also alert you that somebody has taken an action to interact with you. So, Lightstream works with quite a few different providers for alerts. For me, I’m gonna be setting
mine up through Streamlabs, a super popular alert provider. So, to be able to set that up, all you need to do is
firstly open up a new tab, head across to the Streamlabs website, and log in, and make
sure you’re logging in through your Mixer account. Next, we’ll head over to
Widgets and Alert Box. I’m not gonna go through all of the customization options here for setting up alerts in Streamlabs. I already have a super detailed tutorial about how you can customize
and choose exactly which alerts to show. I’ll leave that video
linked up in the top corner, so if you want to watch
that, open that in a new tab and watch that a little
bit later after this video. So, all we really need
here from Streamlabs, is to copy this widget
URL and paste it back into Lightstream Studio here. Once that is pasted into Lightstream, we can go back to the Streamlabs website and use these test buttons to simulate a user action just to make
sure everything’s working. So, you can simulate a user following or subscribing or donating to your stream and after you press the button, you should go back across
to Lightstream Studio to see the alert hopefully showing up on top of your gameplay. Exactly as with the webcam overlay, feel free to resize and reposition
this alerts overlay layer wherever you would like
in your, in your stream. Now, it’s completely up to you to add all of those extra elements to make your stream look as professional or however you want to make it look. So things like event lists,
social media handles, your Mixer chat, donation goals. Remember to add additional scenes, so that you don’t just
have your gameplay scene, you also have maybe an intermission scene to jump to whenever
you’re not playing games or a be right back scene or
stream starting soon scene. You can really customize
the stream exactly as you want to now. Once you’ve finished
creating all of the scenes that you want and polishing
them to look exactly as you wish them to, all
you have to do is make sure that the integration is
turned on, up in the top bar, and then whenever you
stream from your Xbox it’s gonna go through Lightstream, add all of these layers on top, and send that stream out to Mixer. You no longer need a PC to
be turned on or a PC at all, every time that you go
live from your Xbox, it’s gonna be adding all of
these things in automatically. If you want to be able to change scenes whilst you’re streaming,
you can quite easily do this from a mobile device. All you have to do is load
up on any mobile device and
you can easily choose to switch scenes from the
comfort of your couch. So hopefully, now you
have a really aesthetic and professional looking stream, just directly from your Xbox to Mixer without any need for any
capture cards or expensive PCs. Honestly, I think this is a
super exciting technology. I’m curious to see where Lightstream go with the future with this. Hopefully integrating more platforms and more consoles as well, but hopefully that guide has been helpful. I would like to give a massive thank you to all my patreons this month. These people here helped
me run this channel as my full time job so I
can keep creating tutorials like this for you guys. If you haven’t yet subscribed, I would highly recommend doing so. I’ve got some really
exciting videos coming up in the next couple of weeks. Some big announcements as well. So, make sure you’re subscribed
with notifications on, if you don’t wanna miss anything. Subscribers, I’ll see you
in the next video, peace!

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