Adjusting Side-bySide Refrigerator Temp Controls – Actual Temp

This video covers adjusting the temperature controls on Side-by-Side Refrigerators that have digital display showing the
actual tempature on the exterior up the Freezer door. This type of control can be identified by the words
actual temp on the control panel. The freezer compartment adjustment
buttons and digital display are located on the left side of the panel. The refrigerator fresh food adjustment buttons and digital display are located on the right side of the
panel. Note that there is no digital display
during normal refrigerator operation. The default control settings
from the factory are zero degrees for the freezer
compartment and 37 degrees for the refrigerator compartment. To display the actual temperatures of each compartment press any of the warmer or colder buttons
one time. The actual temp indicator light comes on to show that you are viewing the actual
compartment temperatures To display the control setting
temperatures of each compartment Press any up the warmer or colder
buttons a second time. The Set Temp indicator light comes on to
show that you are viewing the control setting temperatures on the display. Actual temperatures may vary from the
control settings. This is normal and is due to usage and
operating conditions. To adjust the temperature cooler, press the colder button of the desired
compartment to decrease the temperature by only one degree. Make sure to wait 24 hours before making
another adjustment in order to get the temperatures time
to stabilize. Repeat as needed until you reach the desired temperature. To adjust the temperature warmer press the warmer button of the desired
compartment to increase the temperature by only one degree. Make sure to wait 24
hours before making another adjustment. Repeat as needed until you reach the
desired temperature. To turn off cooling to the refrigerator and freezer, repeatedly press either warmer button until the highest number flashes. Once the number is flashing, repeatedly
press the other warmer button until off appears. Note that this is not shut off electrical
power to the refrigerator. To turn cooling back on press any
button one time. Off will appear in the display. While off is displayed, press either
colder button one time. This returns the refrigerator and
freezer to the default control settings from the factory. Checklist: 1. Pressing the control
indicator buttons once will display the actual temperature in
the freezer and refrigerator compartment. The actual temp indicator light
illuminates. 2. Pressing the “Warmer” or “Colder” button
again will adjust the temperature setting. The “Set Temp” indicator light will be active. 3. The actual temperature of the
compartments and the temperature control setting may be different, which is normal due to usage and operating conditions.

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  • GSH25JFTA BB specifically … i'm quite sure i'm not setting the freezer correctly. (yes i'm having the same issue of water line freeze but i'd still like to know the procedure)

  • newdrt – To set the freezer control on your refrigerator, start at 5 using the Warmer/Colder touchpads. Allow a minimum of 12 hours for stabilization. Then check your food. If not freezing properly, adjust the setting one number at a time using the Warmer/Colder touchpads, ie. higher number for a colder freezer, lower number for a warmer freezer. Please see our GEAppliances website if you need further assistance. – Thanks, Michelle with GE

  • Hello! My side by side has the digital temperature from 1 through 5. Wich number is the coolest? And what is the best temperature you recommend? Thanks!

  • The Temp buttons after you press them..shut off after about 5 there a way to keep them always displayed on the frig?

  • Thank you..I wish temp control display had a non sleep mode..that would keep the temp display light in front instead of fading off..everything else about fridge love

  • Hello.  I have a GE model GFE29HMDCES, side by side. The fridge compartment has been stuck on 34 degrees and won't change up or down on the control panel.  The freezer will adjust, but not the fridge.  Please help !! 🙂

  • Hello, i just bought my General Electric refrigerator and when i hit the warmer or cooler option it just flashes 000 over and over no matter what i press. Help me please

  • Hello GE Appliances
    I have a GE model GSH25JSTA SS, the control setting from 0 to 9 ( 9 is coldest), so how can I set up the number correcting for freezer and refrigerator ?

  • Hi. I have a GSL25JFXLB. For some reason the freezer just stopped working today along with the temperature control. The fridge is working along with the lights inside. It's just the freezer and the temperature control (like the one on this vid). Do you know how I can fix this?

  • My power went out and I need to reset my refrigerator PSS26NSTC. The lights are on and it is cool inside my not cold like before. The digital display is not set. When I hit it just blinks O and goes off.

  • My colder button on the fridge and the warmer button isn't working on the freezer. This morning I got up and the freezer was running, so I checked it. It somehow set itself on -6 and I can't change it. Is there away to reset it back to the factory default?

  • I have the ge refrigerator ps cs5 vgx and I cannot get the refrigerator to get cool. Im having issues with changing the temp. PLEASE HELP!

  • Hello – I woke up this morning to see my settings displayed on my refrigerator. The freezer is at 13 and the fridge at 45. What could have possible happened? I tried setting it to the actual temp (0 & 37) but it's still showing 13 & 45. Does it take 24 hours? And why is it still being displayed? Is it trying to reach that temperature? Please help.

  • Moved into a home that had a 5yr old GE Profile FSS6PKX Side by Side. The climate control is freaking out. Chime alarm continually beeping. When I hold down the energy saver and alarm buttons it turns all but the filter icon off. This seems to calm the beeps down. But eventually the chimes return and the 38deg and -2 freeze icons. Start flashing and jumping in tremp (hi low hi low etc0 I Tried unplugging to hopefully reset. That did nothing. . Seems to come and go. Any hints as to what is causing this?

  • I have a GE estilo-smart fresh refrigerator…model # on booklet is 200D9102P001…the refrigerator was moved out a few feet when installing a new floor (unplugged). After moving it back, we noticed that the digital gauge is blank/dark/not on…now there is also water occasionally leaking inside. How do we correct these things? Please help!


  • I have this model and found the video helpful …. but I have a question — if the power goes off for the house ( and frig ) does the frig hold the settings or go to the default settings again ?

  • I have the problem that the freezer stays at zero but the fridge won't stay at 37. It drops to 30 and 29 even. What is happening? We had the computer board replaced because it shut down, they are telling us now we have to have a new damper, not a cheap part. I have tried unplugging, resetting the computer, I reset the temps and it just keeps dropping the fridge temp

  • side by side. food amount has fluctuated. so cannot say for sure if it contributes to the situation or not.
    we did add a couple of things and it went up to 33 from 30 and even though i press until it reaches 45 and it goes back down every time. have done this at least 3 times every day. sometimes it returns to 30, sometimes 33

  • I have had GFE29HSDESS for two years. The refrigerator side has always been warmer than what the temperature display said. Recently it became a lot warmer: 34 °F on display, but actually ~40 °F inside. I suspect there is something wrong with either the firmware or the thermistor.

  • How can you stabilize the temperature of the freezer because it's at 29 and the refrigerator is at 50 and we try to adjust the temperature but I can't

  • I have a GE model that seems to be this very one in the video. It's a side-by-side model # GSS25QGTA WW. The bottom half of the freezer side and refrigerator side seem to be cooling the bottoms of each side, and not the top. A friend tried cleaning the coils, but it's the same. After a few days, and even a 20lbs bag of ice from the supermarket in the freezer, the digital display actual temperature reads: 15 for freezer, 55 for refrigerator. The seals around the doors are in great shape, and the doors are not askew in any form away from the unit, and it is level with the ground. It's never been laid down that I know of, and I don't even know what year this fridge is. Any information at all would be very much appreciated as to what I could do to repair this problem. I absolutely love this fridge, and I don't know if it's just mechanical failure, or human error which brought these problems on.

  • my freezer says its actual temp is 50, I set it at 0 and when I see the next day, it is back to 50 again. what is wrong?

  • if you read the comments listed you will notice GE doses not have any real help comments to answers but to call a tech good job GE keep your guys working

  • I have a brand-new 33in, French Door Slate. Plugged it in. After 18 hours, there was no cooling at all. Does it take longer than that for the new refrigerator to start cooling?

    Also is there a code to show what non-numerical symbols are on the temperature control? It started at 37 but then went to some letters.

  • everything in my fridge freezes I have set on 4 now but didn't help and my ice maker and water Despenser keeps on freezing up what should I do

  • We recently had a power outage and my fridge side stopped cooling. I followed the instructions and I still have the same problem. Any suggestions??

  • hi, I've been following the instructions on this video and there's no charge on my appliance. the actual temp is 24 58, I turned it off and it didn't go back to the manufacturer 's default setting

  • purchased home in 2014 with new GE side by side fridge
    model GSCS3PGXGFSS

    SERIAL IS LA 403850
    it cools fine in the freezer and fridge
    however, the display where you dispense water and ice is acting weird after a power outage
    when you press the lever for ice or water it flashes the temp and does not dispense water or ice
    tried unplugging it and same issue
    also tried resetting the display by setting it off by raising the temp, then hitting cool to reset to factory default, still flashes temp and does not give water or ice

    any ideas?

  • The display panel on my GE refrigerator (side-by-side) is now blank after a power outage. Power is back on and fridge is on. How can I reset the display panel on the GE refrigerator (side-by-side)?

  • I have a GE profile PFSS2MIYC. Our temperature is great on our freezer, -1 to 0 degrees, but our refrigerator is reading too cold at 27-30 degrees. I keep trying to set it to 37 degrees but still returns low. What can I do?

  • I like to keep my fridge colder than 36 because I often keep uncooked meat for more than a day. in the last week, the fridge will not stay at the temp I set.

  • Want to adjust temperature on GNE29GMKFES side by side. I see the temperature gauge on the left hand inner fridge door panel but not a way to adjust up or down. Most of your videos show an up/down arrow or something like that on other models. Frustrating. Help

  • I have a flashing zeros on the display and keep unplugging and plugging I keep pressing on colder and warmer and nothing come on ….

  • I put too much ice cream yesterday and the door did not close properly. Now that I took them out, everything is melting and the temperatures are not cooling down. They are at 28 for the freezer and 62 the fridge! Help pls! My food is going to go bad

  • hope I will get solution for the GE Refrigerator, When i go to setting to put at company setting it comes back to setting which is not cooling both fresh food section and freezer. How to set to set temp so it does not goes beyond the desired setting

  • Hi, I see in all of your responses to reset the control panel, that you instruct to shut off the circuit breaker for at least a minute. Wouldn't it be the same thing just to unplug it from the wall for the same amount of time?

  • I have model pgcs1rkzass the freezer and refrigerator temps are correct but ice maker temp is 25 degrees. any solution to this problem

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