AA Books: Living Sober Book by Alcoholics Anonymous Members

AA Books: Living Sober Book by Alcoholics Anonymous Members Hello and welcome you’ve encountered a
video that’s part of a playlist on the books of AA Alcoholics Anonymous
literature however you may not like big books or twelve steps and twelve
traditions so in this video we’re going to talk about a relatively small book
booklet actually called living sober I’m gonna tell you what it is what it is
good for and what it do right here in this video really quickly if you’re new here my
name is James I’m a grateful recovering addict and alcoholic I drank and used
drugs for 20 years recklessly and I’ve been recovering for almost four years I
post videos here every week on this channel feel free to subscribe like I’m
sure to get this message out there share with us your experience strength and
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description now let’s get into living sober living sober is a book that
differentiates itself from the big book and the 12 steps and 12 traditions in a
way that it wasn’t written by Bill w and dr. Bob it was written by you and I the
Alcoholics Anonymous members it addresses topics on living sober we
have put down the drink we put the plug in the jug and we have questions what do
I say and do at a drinking party should I keep liquor in the house how do
I explain to people why I’m not drinking what about sex what about sex
it has questions like that which is why I love it what I’m gonna do in this
video is briefly read a little bit about the intro on what this book is how to
use it then I’m going to look up comments from you the viewer and address
them in this book just gonna read one paragraph under about that title right
here in the beginning starts off however we learned some of the facts
about the illness called alcoholism our opinions shifted our eyes have been open
to the fact that apparently millions of people have the disease of alcoholism
medical science does not explain its cause but medical experts on alcoholism
assure us that any drinking at all leads to trouble for the alcoholic or problem
drinker our experience overwhelmingly confirms this again as with a lot of AAA
books a literature this has relatable factor I can relate immediately as I’m
sure you can if you pick any of these books
up to the words in its pages one of the things that they touch on in using this
book is take what you like leave what you don’t the same with the big book the
same with all of the a literature some of these were written eighty years ago
take what is useful leave what is not recovery I’m sure you have learned by
now or you’re about to learn and if you don’t know recovery it’s a very
personalized plan keep an open mind take what you can relate to take what’s
useful leave what’s not right here on page two it says AAA as a fellowship
does not formally endorse nor recommend for all alcoholics every line of action
included here but each practice mentioned has proven useful to some
members and may be helpful to you so it’s a it’s a resource check it out I
put the links to all the books I’m covering in this playlist the the
playlist is called AAA books check them out put the links to this book and other
books down in the drop down description you gotta hit that drop-down arrow to
get to the description you can buy them they’re here in the front it’s like the
contact the table of contents it some tips on living sober using this booklet
live-and-let-live remembering your last drunk reading the a a message these are
all topics that they discussed these are all writers that have experience
strength and hope in sobriety so it’s a relatable book on actual life in
sobriety so without further ado I’m gonna read some of the comments on my
previous videos that you the viewers left again I thank you for your
participation in these videos I can I am I really appreciate the comments the
likes the shares I’m loving the subscriber count’ our
community is forming and I couldn’t be happier we got to get together and
against the hellish affliction of alcoholism and
addiction and I love you each and every one of you and I love your comments what
these books can in fact answer any question you can throw at them because
they were written by recovering addicts and alcoholics so like I said I’m just
gonna read a comment left on one of my previous videos and then look it up in
the book this one was written by a subscriber named Dan he writes I’ve had
many sober attempts in recent years was in such a period recently when I watched
my father passed away almost immediately I drank and drank well I’ve done so
since he died July 19th of this year I’m sick in every way mentally physically
everything grief is understandable but I know drinking will not help it hasn’t
but I still go ahead I’ve been to AAA in the past but in all honesty it frightens
me to just let go and go for it I’m sure what to do here enjoy your content all
the same James dan dan thanks for sharing with us
and my heart goes out to you I’ve been hopeless and restless and irritable and
discontent and cannot escape the bottle and one is too many a thousands not
enough I’m sure you’ve heard this but in this one Dan you write that you’ve been
to a in the past but in all honesty it frightens you and to let go and go for
it you then write a bit lost at the moment guess AAA and the community there
will help me focus God knows I need to do something or I’ll feel real deep
thanks again man so in the book then I found on page 76 going to a a meetings
long before this booklet was even thought of every single idea in it and
many more suggestions for living sober were learned and proved successful by
hundreds of thousands of Alcoholics we did this not just by reading but also
talking to each other at first we mostly listen you can easily do the same thing
free and you don’t have to join anything dan you mentioned you don’t want to make
the leap you don’t have to join anything you don’t have to
dedicate the rest of your life to anything the point is and in this what
they’re suggesting here is that you just go to an a a meeting it then goes on to
say you can be very sure that every AAA member in that room deeply understands
exactly how you feel because we remember vividly our own hangover miseries and
how it felt the first time we ever went to an AAA meeting this is a significant
point because unfortunately for you you you’ve experienced the death of a loved
one I’m sorry to do that in a there will be people that understand this I I know
a close friend in the rooms of AAA that happened to lose their son to this
disease my point is in the rooms they will understand everything from death to
the fact that you have been drinking maybe you’ve been drinking for a month
when I went in I’d been drinking for a long time non-stop I didn’t have a job I
didn’t have a license my point is in the rooms of AAA is where you’ll find the
solution and nobody is going to force you to commit to anything this next
comment was from a guy named Steven Hamm he writes I’m 27 I’m very serious about
giving up the drinking lifestyle start I started to feel shame and guilt now
after every session which this used to never be the case Steve and I can
totally relate about the guilt and shame that’s a neverending spiral of feel
guilty and shameful and go drink because of it then feel guilty and shameful and
it’s a never-ending spiral I did find some relative information here on the
bottom of page 9 of the living sober book we did not suffer alcoholism just
because we enjoyed it after all we did not deliberately maliciously set out to
do the things we were later ashamed of we did them against our better judgment
and instinct because we were really sick and didn’t even know it and this whole
page is actually about the disease of alcoholism and how it’s a disease right
above that to summarize we remember we have an incurable
potentially fatal ailment called alcoholism and instead of persisting and
drinking we prefer to figure it out and use enjoyable ways of living without
alcohol we need not be ashamed that we have a disease it is no disgrace no one
knows exactly why some people become alcoholics while others don’t it isn’t
our fault we did not want to become alcoholics we did not try to get this
illness so Stephen every single day a member every single alcoholic an addict
has felt this way I can pretty much guarantee it and if not I can tell you
that I felt this way and then I came to grips with the fact that it’s a disease
and make no mistake about it it is a disease some people will argue to the
death about the definition of disease but I’m gonna tell you right now I was
powerless over it in the way diabetics are powerless over their sugar intake
insulin or whatever and I chose not to argue over it to my death it just is and
I acknowledged it so we don’t have to be ashamed of it anymore it’s it’s an
affliction it is an illness but it is in my opinion our responsibility to address
our illness and do whatever it takes to treat it Stephen also wrote on one of my
other videos this one is my crash don’t drink and drive the story of my crash
I’ll post those videos up here in this lowercase I but he also read he also
wrote after hearing the story about me crashing and spending three months in a
coma the reason you survived may have been to inspire and help and I believe
you’re achieving this and thank you Stephen doing the next right thing can
make us proud of ourselves and and make us feel good about and be acknowledged
pat ourselves on the back so the reason I thank you for that comment Stephen is
because right there in the content 16 being good to yourself and you can go on
to read it all about that Thank You Stephen I like to think the same
my mother my mother would agree with both of us this is the reason I survived
is to help others so the final comment that I looked up it was from Charlie
this one is on my big book video part of this playlist that I made
he writes six months sober thanks to the 12-step program thank you for this video
and I said go charlie pee you go you go man well on page 82 of living sober
booklet trying the 12 steps when all else fails at the old country doctor
followed directions we have not talked about the 12 steps offered by a as a
program of recovery from alcoholism and they are not going to be listed or
explained here because anyone curious about them can find them elsewhere well
don’t have to be an ass about it their origin is striking however in 1935 two
men met in Akron Ohio both of them Bob and Bill were then considered hopeless
drunkards which she seemed shameful to those who had known them I’m not here to
read the book word-for-word but we do know now that any comment that I go to
in like it is very likely than any comment I go to in my previous videos
can be looked up in this book the big book the books I cover in this series is
playlists but it’s a very relatable book short sweep I think in here in the
beginning it mentions that it’s not to be read all the way through it’s more as
like a reference guide like right here on page 26 availing yourself of a
sponsor why am I so angry and resentful all the time page 37 watching out for
anger and resentment resentment is said to be the number one offender of the
alcoholic going to a a meetings why do I have trouble
dragging my ass to an AAV ting well living sober describes it this is
experience strength and hope from members of Alcoholics Anonymous it is
the closest thing to a open discussion meeting in a book form that so far I
found question of the day when is your sobriety date how long have you been
sober and do you find the questions addressed in the living sober book can
you relate to them do you have the same questions do you think they should write
another one that’s like three or four questions but you get the drift I’m
super stoked about this channel to tell you the truth and I wake up and I just
wonder how I’m gonna help and what am I gonna do my next video on well I’m doing
this series this playlist books check them out I’m gonna just add whatever
book reports AAA literature of course hey don’t forget to subscribe and hit
the bell down there and like and share to get this message out there and until
next week keep it clean keep it real and keep doing this damn thing peace like
the Christian God or the you know Southern Baptist God

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  • Tried to have a couple beers ended out on 24hr session.. Damn it really is all or nothing with me so hopefully the latter

  • I can’t thank you enough for the mention James, sincerely, this more than anything has convinced me to go to another meeting. One thing I definitely have figured out recently is that I am 100% powerless over this affliction, completely. Have been drinking for over 20 years and all the trouble I’ve been in and all the stupid, bad and dangerous things I’ve done because of alcohol should have stopped me drinking a long time ago but I still do! The grief I’m experiencing of late should be experienced soberly and not delayed through drink also, it really doesn’t help but again at the moment it just proves how powerless I really am, meetings for me it is. Thanks again man 🙏🏼

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