A Juice Recipe Bound to make You GLOW (Mystery Ingredient) – Saturday Strategy

What do you notice? Huh? Are you looki’n at
my eyes? Are you looking at my nose? You see, skin is our largest organ. And often times
its the first thing people notice. So you want to have amazing skin. So when you look
in the mirror, are you happy with what you see? Are you radiating longevity, are you
radiating beauty? When you see Crow’s feet, do you see some blemishes, some pimples, maybe
some blackheads on your nose. When you look at your over-all body, do you see saggy skin?
One of the biggest emails that I get all the time is that people that have loosed, that
have lost a lot of weight, then all of a sudden they have this saggy skin that they have to
deal with as well. Nobody likes that. So I’m gonna help you with that today. I want you
in 30 days to be looking in the mirror, overjoyed with the results of starting to adapt this
similar lifestyle. And also, we have the 5 day detox that you can use to really start
eradicating some of those internal things that you be working on. to Get rid of these
for good and adapt this new lifestyle so your skin really really looks awesome. So your
health is representative of things that are going on internally. So the first place we
have to take care of is your gut and the greatest thing for you Fitlifer, is that when you juice,
especially the ingredients that I’m gonna use a little bit later, it actually helps
restore your gut. And when your gut is restored and when your absorbing, the vitamins, the
enzymes, the minerals, the amino acids, everything comes together there, it’s gonna be reflective
in the outside as well. So I’ve seen clients that have had chronic acne, that have had
dry skin , that have had blemishes, that have had crow’s feet, that have had you know, even
saggy arms in the back; when they start juicing, they really start to notice a huge difference
in their over-all skin quality. And what happens when you start noticing difference? More people
are gonna recognize you. You’ll gonna get more appreciation from the person that you
love. You become more physically attractive. And ultimately, you wanna age gracefully.
You want your skin to look the best that it can look throughout time. aging gracefully.
So this is the juice recipe that I’m gonna present to you today. I’m gonna show you some
tips, tools and techniques in your own life Fitlifer. To maintain really really good skin.
The ingredients are 2 cucumbers, 3 carrots, 1 lemon, 2 avocados, and kale. Real simple
and easy recipe. Your absolutely gonna love it. Let’s get on making the recipe. So you
probably wondering, how do you juice avocado? Hold on. I’m gonna show you a revolutionary
way to use avocado, to help you with your skin at the end of this video. Let’s juice!
This is the skin juice recipe. Exactly what I like. That’s good stuff. Real simple and
easy recipe Fitlifer. I’m gonna put the information below the blog. Click on that. Let me know
what you think. Make this recipe. Take a picture of it. Post it in the comments if you want
to. Or leave a comment below, explaining your juicing journey, and how it’s impacted your
skin. I’d love to see testimonials from you, in regards to how much juicing has changed
your skin. I’ve seen dozens, if not hundreds of pictures over the past couple of years.
People that have implemented juicing and has changed a thing about their skin. So, leave
that comment below. If you need this juicer, there’d be a link below of it as well. 5-day
detox. Right below this. It’s gonna set you up step by step. Every single day, exactly
what you need to do to be successful in your juicing journey. I told you I’m gonna tell
you about avocado and, I’m not juicing avocado. you know what? Avocado is absolutely amazing
. You take it. Put it on your face. Real simple and easy to do. Just grab it just like this.
You put it in a bowl if you like to. But it creates this nice paste that you put right
on to your face just like this. Rub it all around just like that. It’s very cooling in
nature as well. So once or twice a week, I do this. I know you probably do this if your
watching Fitlifer. And your crazy like me. I still go out public with this. Absolutely
nuts. Let it sit. It’s gonna harder, you’ll be good to go with your health. Drew Canole,
bringing you all kinds of delicious juicing content. Remember, were in this together.
I’ll see you next week.

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