A Delicious Vegan Recipie From Chef Babette || STEVE HARVEY

– Welcome back, my next guest is one of my favorite
chefs here in Los Angeles, and I kid you not, she has a vegan soul food
restaurant in Inglewood called “Stuff I Eat”. Please welcome Chef Babette. (applause) – [Chef Babette] Thank
you (slight chuckling) – So, Chef Babette, how
did you get the idea for a vegan soul food restaurant? – My husband and I have eaten this way for now 30 years. Well, I met him in 1990,
and in 1992 we got married. I was 40 years old at the time, so go– – She’s 70 – [Chef Babette] Go – This is her – Go – She’s 70 (audience cheering and applauding) She attributes this to being a vegan. Now that I have your undivided
attention, come on over here. (audience claps) Today, you’re gonna make
your number one seller and one of my favorites, Lord have mercy, enchilada pie. – It really is like a huge
seller at Stuff I Eat, and it’s incredibly easy to make. So basically, we’re gonna
start with some tomato paste, we got water right here. You need some agave nectar, and we’re gonna put a little
Mexican seasoning in here. Next, we’re gonna move
right over to the blender, and we’re gonna make what
we call our SIE sauce, Stuff I Eat sauce. Got some silken tofu in here, we’re gonna pour a
little nutritional yeast, this stuff is really good for you. We’re gonna blend it up. [Blender Grinding] Alright, so we got our
SIE sauce ready to go. This is how we’re gonna– – You just keep talking. They’re gonna go on the
website and get your recipe. – Okay but anyway, we’re gonna just add the enchilada sauce to our corn chips and polenta. So once we have this all mashed in place, this is how simple this recipe is, I’m just so excited to show y’all this. We just gon dump all this in. So we gonna dip our corn tortillas, and you want them to overlap. Alright, so what we gonna do is put a little bit more of this
red sauce on top of here. Now we’re putting our cheese on here, and then we’re gonna pop this in the oven, and after we’re all done, this is what we got. (audience applauding) So I’m gonna serve Steve a slice of this. Let’s put some guac on there. These sure are some little spoons. And then some salsa, and then I want you to bite and tell me what you think. – (mumbling) – I can tell, huh? I’m sorry, boo. (laughing) (audience laughing) – You know how you try to cool it? – Trying to cool it, get
the air in your mouth to cool it off. (imitates Steve) Alright so anyway, Steve
got the enchilada pie, what’d y’all think? Simple? Quick? (audience clapping) Big, big seller, trust. We got some kale greens here, and the lick to this is a
little bit of smoky paprika. We also make our tacos and burritos out of a wild rice blend and black beans. But, my absolute favorite, you see I got my little
recipe book out here. I fell in love with making these desserts out of the cashew nut. So, one of the first
desserts I shared with Steve was the peanut power. Cause you know, Power! He just reminds me (grunting) Power! – Yeah, all that. – Yeah– – Please know that (grunting) all that, yeah. – And I put blueberries in this one, okay so that one ain’t hot. Yes, it that off the chain or what? Can I have a bit of yours? – You don’t even know. – I want all of y’all
to have some of this. (some audience members clapping) – You know sometimes when you
eat healthy, it be trifling? That ain’t what’s happening to her spot. I’ve learned that you are what you eat, so by changing your diet (Chef Babette claps) you change the clarity of your mind. – [Chef Babette] That’s it. – Change your clarity of your eyes, your energy level increases,
you metabolism picks up, you feel better, you reduce
inflammation in your body. One thing about vegetables, they reduce inflammation in your body, so if I could tell you all anything, that you are what you
eat, and this restaurant– – Stuff I Eat. As a matter of fact, it goes like this: ♪ Stuff I Eat ♪ ♪ Stuff I Eat ♪ ♪ If you don’t want meat ♪ ♪ Try the Stuff I Eat ♪ ♪ 114 North Market Street ♪ ♪ In Inglewood California ♪ (audience applauding) – Yeah, this what happens
when you eat like this for 30 years, and you 70 years old. (audience applauding) This the biggest tune right here. Ladies and gentlemen, give
it up for Chef Babette. (audience applauding) Now listen, folks. If you are in the Los Angeles area, you need to check out her restaurant. It’s called Stuff I Eat in Inglewood, get yourself healthy and pick up her cookbook, it’s
called “Cash in on Cashews” it’s available on Amazon. To get her enchilada pie recipe, head over to stevetv.com everybody. We’ll be right back. This my buddy Chef Babette everybody. Thank y’all. (jazzy music)

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