7 Vitamix Recipes to Make First

Yes! You’ve got a Vitamix. Okay, really quick. Can I make some suggestions of what you should make first? Make these things first. A green smoothie. Frozen mango, greens, so easy. So good. Next, make green juice. It’s a little different than a green smoothie. Yes you can make juice in a Vitamix. This is what we make, our spicy green juice. Every morning, every other morning. Yum, the best. OK now that you’ve mastered green smoothie and green juice you need to make hot soup. So make a tomato soup. It’s a handful of ingredients. Turn it on for six minutes. Start to finish. Burning hot soup in your Vitamix. Tomoato soup. Dip whatever kind of sandwich you want in it. Okay, next thing. Give a nut butter a try. Make it really easy on yourself. Go into the nuts section at the grocery store and get a pack of roasted peanuts. Dump them into your Vitamix. Use the tamper. Push them down into the blade. It’ll take a minute to two minutes. You’re gonna have fresh peanut butter like you’ve never tasted before. Then, you’re going to make ice cream. You’re not going to make just any kind of ice cream you’re going to make a Wendy’s-style Frosty. Easiest thing ever. And the best thing ever. Frosty. Then, make our queso. You know about our queso. And then finally you’re going to make something not just for yourself but for the people you live with, people down the street, down the hall. Pancake! Make breakfast! Few ingredients in the blender, throw it on the stove. Now you’re a hero. When you’re just getting started, dfinitely follow recipes. It’s gonna make things easier. And definitely if you haven’t already, subscribe to our channel. If you appreciate this video, if it was helpful… Thank you so much for watching. We’ll see you in the next one. Goodbye

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