6 Common Mistakes in Smoothie Making and How to Fix Them – Honey Mango Zest Smoothie Recipe

Hey friends! Today we are making the
Honey Mango Zest Smoothie and it’s going to get a little zesty in here! For
those of you don’t know, hi thanks for watching. I’m Jenna
from GreenBlender and we talk about smoothies here. So thanks for tuning in.
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that you might not like because that’s what we’re talking about today. We are talking
about 6 common complaints in smoothie making and how to fix them. We get a lot
of feedback about the recipes that we make and about all of the different
ingredients that we use. From anywhere from beginner smoothie makers to
advanced movie makers and I wanted to share some of the comments and
complaints, but more like suggestions or issues that people might be having
and how to combat those. So, here are my 6 common complaints about smoothies and
how to fix them! Number one:” I don’t like bananas.” I love bananas, but it’s either like you are – you don’t care — its either like you hate bananas or you
don’t mind bananas, but the people that hate bananas… really hate bananas.
So, what can you do if you come across a smoothie recipe with bananas in it, like
this one. Now there’s a couple different ingredients that you can swap out. First
of all, you can just skip the banana altogether. Keep in mind that the other
ingredients are – it’s going to make a little bit less, obviously, because you’re
missing one ingredient. But totally fine; it’ll taste great without a banana.
Number two: you can include these different extra ingredients that do not
taste like banana, but give your smoothie a creamy consistency.
You can use avocados, very ripe pears, and hemp seeds, or nuts and seeds like
cashews or almond. We focus – we wrote a really great article about how to make a
smoothie without a banana and I will link to that later on.
Number two common complaint is my smoothie is not sweet enough. Totally
understandable, it depends on where you are in your
health journey and how used to eating sweet ingredients you are or that’s a
big difference. So if you’re used to having a lot of processed foods, eating a
lot of excess sugar, eating a lot of artificial flavoring, some of these
ingredients might not feel like they’re sweet enough to you just yet. Bear in
mind that your taste buds will change over time! But in the meantime, here’s a
few tips to sweeten your smoothie up. Number one, you can use orange juice as a
liquid base. I usually only use water or some coconut water or maybe maple water
or something like that as my smoothie base, because I’m always cognizant of the
sugar aspects, but feel free to add half a cup to a full cup of orange juice in
your smoothies and that will sweeten everything up. You can also use 2, 1 to 2
tablespoons of maple syrup. I feel like a lot of people have that on hand. You
always forget that you can add a little maple syrup to your smoothies. It cleans
everything up. Number three, which is my favorite, is to add one or two dates to
your smoothies. It has a lot of fiber in there, so it kind of helps balance the
sugar component and it really does taste like nature’s candy.
Alright, complaint number three: my smoothie is too green tasting. Totally
get it. Some people don’t like that green flavor. There are a few ways that you can
combat that. Number one is you can use less green tasting greens like baby
spinach or baby kale. Any of the baby greens are going to be a little bit more
mild than if you’re working with lacinato kale or something a little bit heavier like that. Number two, you can add the
sweeteners, like I just can’t suggested above. You can also add some citrus, which is going to really cut that green flavor. And citrus is actually low in sugar, so
you’ll be able to keep your sugar content down, while also enjoying your
smoothie. The last thing you can do to combat the green flavor is adding some
ginger. It really does help balance the green in the smoothie and make it a
little bit more enjoyable. Alright number 4 common complaint: I like thick smoothies and I am NOT getting a thick smoothie. So here are some ways that you can thicken up
your smoothie. First, you can use less liquid. We usually
use a cup of water in our smoothies, but if you want to thicker smoothie, just
use 1/2 or 3/4 of a cup. Start small and if you’re having a hard time blending it
up then add a little bit more water. You can also freeze some of your ingredients.
Bananas are really great to freeze – make sure you’re peeling your banana first.
Honeydew is a great another great fruit to freeze. You can freeze blueberries,
grapes anything that’s small that comes in smaller chunks. Make sure that your – if
you’re going to freeze something like a pear to cut it up first into smaller
chunks, so it makes the blending a lot easier. Okay, so the last thing – oh the last
thing to thicken up a smoothie is to include thicker ingredients like banana,
like an avocado, some carrots, a sweet potato – something that’s very dense. It’ll
keep your smoothie connected. The last thing just kind of came to my mind is
you can add chia seeds to any of your smoothies. It has a gelatinous property,
so it’ll suck up the liquid and kind of plump up. Conversely, number 5 common
complaint is that I want a thinner smoothie. So what can you do first of
all, you can do everything that I said in reverse. You can add more water to your
smoothies, you can actually skip the ice all together and it will keep a thinner
juice like consistency. You can – you can use just fresh
ingredients, instead of freezing any of the ingredients or you can omit or use half of the thicker ingredients. Also using a really high-powered blender like
a Vitamix, like a Blendtech, I think KitchenAid just came out with a
high-powered blender, and will also help keep everything very thin and juice like.
Okay the last one is also very important. Number six is that I don’t like a
certain ingredient x y z (fill in the ingredient). Number one, first and foremost, if you don’t like an ingredient, just skip it! We’re all adults here. No one’s
forcing you to eat any ingredients that you don’t like. If you know that you hate
cilantro and you think it tastes like soap –
skip it! We’re not doing anything crazy and or magical here – you will taste
the cilantro in the smoothie if there’s cilantro. The same goes with mint or
mango or anything like that. So be sure to just keep an eye on ingredients that
you might not like and skip them all together. That being said, it’s always
good to try new ingredients, so give it a little taste before hand, add half the
ingredient- the amount the ingredient lists. Maybe like tomatillos, for example.
I don’t think they really taste like anything in a smoothie and that might be
a new ingredient for you. We have tons of customers writing in every day that say
that they thought they weren’t going to like a beet smoothie and they tried it and
then loved it! So give it a try. Try it once, just like our moms used to say and if
you hate it after trying it once then just skip that ingredient all together.
There is no shame in skipping ingredients and you do not have to like
every fruit and vegetable. We’re all humans; we all have our preferences, so
don’t worry about it. Okay, so those are the six common complaints
in smoothie making and how to fix them. I’d love to hear from you. You guys are
also smoothie experts. How do you tweak your ingredients? How do you look at the
recipes and how do you decide what you’re going to add and what
you’re not going to add into your smoothies to make sure that you are
getting the smoothies that you actually like? Because that is the whole name of
the game here; we want to make sure that you’re enjoying eating healthy
ingredients and healthy food and you’re connecting with awesome ingredients and
it’s not a chore to be healthy. We are trying to just make it really fun, really
easy to start your day with a healthy decision. Because guess what? If you start
your day with a healthy decision, the chances are that you’ll continue making
healthier decisions throughout the day are increased incredibly. So thank
you guys so much for bearing with me on the five common or six common complaints of smoothie making. Let’s make this smoothie! The Honey Mango Zest, so what’s in it? We’re going to do one lime, a tablespoon of flax seeds,
four ounces of honeydew,one banana, a handful of collard greens, and half of
this mango. I went really hardcore in mangos the other day. This one is the
Tommy Atkin mango, very common. So let’s throw this all together. I’m going to
actually show you how to how I peel my mangos in five seconds or less . I’m going to
throw everything in here. This was a lot of chatting today, but we can get through
this. It’s always important to remember that this is your smoothie; this is your
smoothie time; this is your life. You’re eating the ingredients that you like and
so, you should enjoy it. Just because someone tells you something is coming up
on a recipe, you don’t have to actually put it in your body.
We are calling – this leads me to great point – we are calling for the juice
of one lime. I love citrus and especially lime juice, but if you’re a little more
sensitive to lime – skip the lime or just use half the lime, or a quarter of the
lime if you’re kind of sensitive to tartness. Because it will tarten this
smoothie up quite a bit. I’m adding in some flax seed too and if you like adding flax seed to your smoothies it’s a great way to get some Omega
3’s and it’s a great way to kind of get some thickness to your smoothie. If
you’re vegan there’s a way you can create like a vegan egg with flaxseed
and it does kind of plump up. Okay, here’s how I feel a mango in five seconds or
less. First I put the pit standing up, so I have the two fleshy sides of my mango
next to each other. Then I’m basically cutting around the pit so I’m getting as
much meat as I possibly can from this. I’m going to show you two ways that I do
it. The first way, is if the mango is a little bit ripe – a little bit under ripe
a green mango, which is still delicious mango. First, I take this and I cut, not so
that I’m completely cutting through the skin, but just so I’m kind of cutting
just to the bottom of the skin. And then I’m going to hash it through to do a
square – like this. And then I’m going to flip it inside out,
and you can actually just cut the meat off from the skin like so. This is a
great way to get most of the meat off of your off of your mango, if your mango is
not ripe enough to use my second idea. So that’s my first, we’re going to use a
full mango, because I love mango. You can use half a mango if you want. Okay the
second thing – I’m going to throw this in, so I have this up and so don’t forget
the ice! The second thing I do is I take a sturdy cups – that’s important. Do not
use your crystal wear because you’re going to shatter the glass and then I
just basically take – I palm the mango and I just put some pressure on the outside of
the glass, so that the skin and the mango come apart. Easy, boom! And then that’s it.
I will probably knaw on this later because I just do not waste mango… too
delicious! And if you have a little bit of skin, you can just cut it off – boom
and boom. So easy easy way to cut a mango- two – to cut a mango two ways. Basically
depending on how ripe your mango is. Let’s blend this up and try it out
because I got hungry just talking about all this stuff. I can’t wait for this
smoothie! I get really excited for mango smoothies. This is a little bit – let me
just get a new cup. Here we go; here it is! Cheers everyone! And so goes, it’s my perfect Friday treat!
Tastes delicious; super sweet because I love the extra sweetness from the mango. This is going to help your skin glow, its immune boosting and it’s low-calorie. If
you use half of the mango and not full mango – like I just did. Until tomorrow,
cheers everyone; have a great weekend!

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  • My delivery just came while I was watching your mango recipe. Can't wait to jump into it! great suggestions on swapping ingredients or enhancing a smoothie.

  • I've been a GreenBlender subscriber for well over 2 years I believe. And there have been very few smoothies that I didn't like. I've never had a need to add or take out an ingredient and I thank you for making the recipes you do. There are quite a few that I think should come back onto the menus. Also i get my superfoods through these smoothies. Portion wise it makes no sense for me to purchase them on my own and these boxes help me discover new tastes and textures.

  • I usually like to add yogurt to my smoothies. It helps make it thick, smooth, and creamy plus helps with my calcium intake. i just signed up for your smoothie boxes. Can't wait to try some new stuff!

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