5 Stages of Trying to Budget [5TAGES]

-I love bitters. -Alright here you go! Thank you
guys so much and we hope to see
you again. [Unison]
-Thank you, yeah! -How did I spend so much on
cocktails? -You a friendly girl. -Kristen thank you so much.
-Oh hey! Kristy& -Kristy.
-You were right. -I’m always right. Anyway,
thank you so much. -You’re welcome.
-You should totally come to
Jersey one night. -Okay! Sure! I love that! Bye guys!
-Bye! -So nice -I think I need to make a
-Yeah. -What is budget? 95 totally true ways millennials
can oh my god budget. -Can’t you just get that on your
phone and you have the Internet? -Yeah, but just ten more
minutes. -I was in the middle of watching
a video about how to cook
plantains. -Carol you are my best friend. -How&they’re like going to burn
right now I need to finish
watching it. -Taxi& Oh wait, my budget. But Uber is cheaper when you
pool. -You have to come to my facial
party. -I’m trying to save money.
-Then you’ll love our products! -Oh, just up here to the right
please. -Here you go&that was a great
trip. -Ooh payday! What! -Yo what’s going on! -Whoa! I… I tried to make a budget this
week I really tried I don’t know what happened I’m still in the
red! -When I was backpacking through
Thailand, I lost my wallet in the back of this karaoke
joint once, and uh, my
translator this guy named Akara, he said I could make some cash
by washing dishes in the back, so I lived there for 6 years. -Um what? -Okay first of all you have to
stop trying to buy friendship. -But I’m friendly. -Stop spending money! Also it
takes two weeks to start a new
habit. -How are you so smart? -I was a banker on Wall Street,
remember? -That’s so hot.
-I know. -That’s so hot.
-Really? Why is it hot? -Are you kidding me that’s so
hot. That’s so hot. -I’m in the red! Yeah! Yeah, uh, just this! I’m
brewing my own coffee! -Cool. -Of course I want to pose for
your mural.
-Of course. -I had no idea that she was an
established artist! -You’re so lucky!
-Thank you. -Can I close out my tab? -Yeah, no drinks for uh anybody
else tonight? -Um, well, maybe if you play
your cards right. -Yeah, don’t do that. -Okay. You guys look really
great in this pic. -Here you are, thank
you. -Oh, dude great job! -Yes! Yeah! Wait where’s my purse? -Yeah honestly, I just&I can’t.

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