hey guys um this is just an update video
I want to just briefly take five minutes of your time to let you know that
immediately after this video will be the weigh-in video which is about two to
three minutes it’s the forty six hour drive fast that
I did it’s my way in and telling you the results also wanting to update you that
I’m about a hundred percent sure that on Monday I will be doing another five day
drive fast this is why I’m trying to get these daily videos out and basically
tend to doing me for the day but making sure that I keep my daily content out
and just resting and refeeding so that I can prepare myself for this five-day dry
fast that I think is going to be my last one for a while to you know get myself a
break because when you’re doing drive fast there are stresses that are put on
the body from not consuming any water or food they’re not as stressful as what
we’re eating putting in our bodies that are making it toxic and making a stress
on that digestive system but they are as well just as I’m stressful so I’m trying
to have a laid-back enter the week into the weekend so that I can get myself
prepared for Monday’s 5-day dry fast now that I officially said for sure that I’m
doing it Monday I’m doing the dry fast Monday so um right now what I’m doing is
I’m just brief eating eating very clean drinking my juices and I wanted to show
you a couple of things that I’ve been doing so that I was able to do my salt
water flush each day because while doing close to normal seven days off and on up
a dry fast five days I’m under twenty hours then the forty six hour drive fast
you to internally get really dehydrated even
when you feel like you’re hydrated when you do stuff like a salt water flush
sometime the water and the salts can hold in the body because you’re not
fully hydrated I do suggest it’s called let me get power raid zero I drink that
before I even have a juice I do prefer the what is it called it’s made by
Gatorade propel water because the propel water is a little bit better than this
it’s a more smoother taste and it’s really not an aftertaste you you taste
the aftertaste then it goes right away with this this lingers Powerade so what
I do now is um since being off the dry fast I’ve learned before you consume
even water put electrolyte energy drink wood electrolyte something that is like
foreplay shoes that is meant to immediately hydrate and put your
electrolytes and on balance your body out and then maybe drink slowly 16 to 32
ounces of water once you start urinating which this will stop you urinating even
before you drink the water after drinking the electrolyte you know
beverage then you know it’s safe to do a salt water flush and the reason why I’m
bringing this up a couple of days before my drive fast is whoever is thinking
about doing a drive fast it is very imperative that you flush out your colon
flush out your bodies of any talks of beat of any toxins that might be inside
the colon it just makes for a better detox I had a hard time when I just had
to spur the moments that I was gonna do a five-day dry fast and I never did a
salt water flush that morning I paid for it and I got
really backed up because people matter that was in prior to during the dry pass
I had the factoring that was still in there and then all of the toxins that
were building up from what the body was removing while on the dry pass so I’m
telling you this power raid zero either get this I like to propel because it’s
zero calories in also zero carbs this has less than one carb in this one so it
still has a carb it’s less than one car but hey I want to go to zero cause I
want this to act in place of water after I get off of the drive fast and then I
think that is very important when your body is hydrated to do a salt water
flush you will be surprised what comes out of that flush after doing a drive
fast so right now as of today which is
Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday and Monday I might even do a salt water
flush so that when I stop my drive fast I’m all cleanse out I know the be for
better Drive fast so I’m not gonna make this video too long yes I am doing a
five-day drive fast yes I am excited about it because while on the forty six
hour drive fast like I was telling tea love I didn’t even feel like I was dry
fast and I was going into two days I wasn’t feeling weak I am I didn’t have
any headaches I wasn’t lightheaded only problems that
I’m gonna have and I bought some black seed oil for that fingers crossed that
this works I’m hearing that it works at night I’m probably gonna have to take a
tablespoon no that’s it yeah a table a teaspoon to a tablespoon the black seed
oil because my my um tolerance is very high and I’m gonna have to hope that
that works because I have made a mixture of honey as you can see here and I added
two I mean five teaspoons of raw and one tablespoon of as you can see
pickle and salt so let me say this again five tablespoons I’m just uh five
teaspoons of pink and so on get it right I put five teaspoons of raw honey and 1
teaspoon of pink Lancer so let me say it again five teaspoons of raw honey and 1
teaspoon of pink : salt and I put it the mixture together and I put it in this
glass jaw they tell you put in the glass straw and I left it on my nightstand
when that time came I turned off all the lectrons the lights and I put a teaspoon
of this salty sweetness under my tongue um very salty just wanting to throw that
out there again and it kind of bloated me up the next day but one thing I did
notice I went to sleep around 10:00 when I put this underneath my tongue around
10 o’clock this honey and pickling salt solution it knocked me right out but the
thing was I did go into a deep sleep but it was only for a few hours so I went to
bed at 10:00 so let’s say 11:00 12:00 1:00 so I slept 3 hours but when I woke
up I felt like I slept eight hours so this stuff does work but it’s not potent
enough to give me an eight hour of sleep I’m hearing that black seed oil can help
you go into a deep deep sleep it’s very powerful and that people use it for
sleep disorder so while on my drive fast I’m gonna have to take that black sea
oil at night because to maximize weight loss and detox and in the body doing
what it needs to do while on the drive that I must at least get at least eight
hours of sleep and I know that when I want to drive fast I get insomnia and I
like that to happen so I’m going to basically you know you know get the
Blackfeet oil and do what I need to do as far as um getting my rest so I’m not
walking around here like a bat out of hell which I wasn’t the five days that I
was like that I actually felt good a little bit weak but the 46-hour one idea
I was I just I felt wonderful so I’m definitely looking forward to this
five-day drive fast and also here’s a juice that I had had sitting for a while
and I want to show you really quickly this juice has been sitting for about 20
minutes because before I started on this video I had to do a couple of phone
calls from my husband usually when you’re using a juicer a trance trance I
can’t even come out it when you using those those juicers like a Breville that
they pulverize the juice and they juice really quickly when I’m using now a mask
a slow masticating juicer I usually find that you let you sit for too long you
will see the soluble fiber at the top of the bottle you’ll see it at the top of
the bottle here up here and you’ll see like water in the middle here all water
it’ll look level it will be obviously water but like it’ll have all the the
fruits and vegetables and whatever you’re juicing you’ll see all the fluids
you can see right through it but when you’re using a good slow masticating
juicer all the juices stay together the soluble fiber in the liquid so you know
this is telling me basically by seeing this that when I was using my other
juicer that was $40 versus my hundred and seven dollar slow masticating juicer
I was basically cooking some of the Jews and that’s why it’s
separated because some of the enzymes were probably killed in the juice not
all of them but some of them so this video is getting really long but I just
want to give you an update of what’s going on be looking out for my wave
video that’s coming right after this video so please subscribe sheet and like
this video and I’m always up for hearing comments from you so have a nice day

6 thoughts on “46 HR DRY FAST -HOLISTIC

  • Great information sis I really need to do a colon cleanse. 💞💞💞💞💞💞♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💞💞😘😘😘

  • Awesome! Yes I always clean my colon before starting a dry fast. Very helpful! And you are right after doing that dry fast last week, I feel much stronger on this dry fast right now. Very strong like I’m not even fasting. I’m pushing through to 72 hours!!

  • I need to do a colon cleanse. I'm on day 2 of dry fast. Trying to work 13 hour shifts and I am ao dann thirsty

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