3D modeling of Golf Ball : Blender Tutorial

Hey guys, in this tutorial I am going to show
you how to create golf ball using blender. So, open blender and click on file->new->reload
startup file. You’ll get this cube. So first, we’ll get rid of the cube. So, right click on the cube to select it and
click X and delete it. We need a polysphere. I’ll show you what a
normal UV sphere looks like. So click on ADD->MESH and click on UV sphere zoom in and goto orthographic view and front
view and here goto wireframe mode so this is how the UV sphere looks like when you click on add->mesh you don’t find
polysphere here so for that click on file->user preferences
and click on the add-ons tab here select add mesh and where it says add
mesh extra objects, select it and close this window now click on add->mesh. Now you’ll find polysphere
here so select it and this is how the polysphere
looks like so we want this. So just right click on this
one and delete it by pressing X or delete and goto… click on solid view now goto edit mode and click ALT+E and click on individual faces now we’ll extrude each individual face so just move your mouse goto object mode. Click on this button which
is for modifiers click on add modifier and subdivision surface.
Here make the view value 2 and now goto edit mode click ALT+E and click on individual faces it’ll extrude all the individual faces. So,
extrude it a little bit inside.. like this and after that press S and just bring it outwards..
about here again press ALT+S and bring them inside now goto object mode. Now it looks like a
golf ball so click on smooth button and click on apply now we’ll make a copy of this golf ball. So
press SHIFT+D and bring it here goto front view… Bring both the golf balls
just above this red line and now we’ll add a floor so click here and click on Add->Mesh->Plane Press S…10 to scale it and we’ll give a
material to both the balls and the plane so click on this button which is for materials.
Here select cycles render click new.. Now the plane is selected so for
the plane leave the default values. just change the color to green about here and a dark green color and save
it now select this ball by right clicking on
it and click on new here select mix shader. For the first shader
select Diffuse and for the 2nd shader select Glossy we’ll make this value.. FAC value 0.3 and the roughness value 0.05 name this material “white” and press F to
save it now right click on the 2nd golf ball and click
on this + button and here select white now goto front view and click just behind
this camera and we’ll add a plane which will emit light so click on add->mesh->plane.. press S.. 3
and R..45 so that it is facing here now click on new button and here select emission
and make the strength 10 now we’ll goto camera view and you can also
click on rendered button so that you can see how it’ll look like you can decrease this strength make it 8 (I
changed it to 8.5 later) Click N… select this to lock the camera
to view.. click N to get rid of this properties window Now we’ll just zoom in, zoom out, and rotate
it just the way we want and you can click on solid and just see which
way we want to take a picture this looks fine.. i’ll move this around here again goto solid view and zoom in click on this world button and make this color
black and now click on this button and increase
the sampling value to 100. You can make it 1000 to get better resolution make both the clamp values 0.98 and.. first save it..blender uses .blend extension select the directory you want to save it in
and click on save blender file and now click on render.. it’ll take some
time to get rendered so i’ll get back to you when it is done so this is how it’ll look like after rendering..
to save this.. bring your cursor on this image and press f3 and select the directory you want to save
it in and name it anything you want and click on save as image and also save this blender file so this is how you create golf balls using
blender so thank you for watching this video.. make
sure to subscribe to my channel for more blender tutorials and.. also make sure to watch the realistic
chain tutorial i’ll put a link on the screen and also in
the description bar below bye

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