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Hi Cupcakers! welcome another day to the channel. Today I bring 3 choices of smoothies that I love, for taking care
of ourselves and keep us in shape. The first smoothie is diuretic and helps us to
eliminate fluid retention from our bodies. The second smoothie is to give us energy. Is very advisable to drink it in the morning
to start the day full of energy. And the third one is a smoothie charged with vitamins. Which is amazing if we drink it before
going to the gym or doing sports. As you will see in the video all the fruit I use is frozen. Because when I do smoothies I freeze them the day
before already cut and clean so they are ready when I need them. This way we avoid adding ice to the smoothie and
we will get a intense and refreshing taste. I also recommend leaving the skin
of fruits like apples and pears. Because they contain vitamins, fiber and essential
nutrients that are great for our organism. But, if you leave the skin of the fruit
you must be sure to wash them. I hope you like these 3 options. And that you try them, they are super delicious. So if you want to see how to make them
stay because the recipe starts now. For the diuretic smoothie that will help
us fight fluid retention we will need: pineapple, mango, orange, kiwi, cold coconut water and optional a little bit of honey. As you already know to make
smoothie we just need to put all the ingredients in the blender and blend them
until we get a super refreshing and nutritious drink. Let me tell you that this smoothie is great for
reducing the volume in the belly, hips and legs. Because these places is where fluid
retention usually happens in our body. Pineapples, kiwis, mangoes and oranges
are amongst the most diuretic fruits. Because is we want to reduce liquid retention is advisable
to take 2 portions of these fruits everyday. We take it with coconut water because is a low calorie
drink and helps us with our digestion. But if you can’t find it or you don’t like it you can
swap it with another drink or just cold water. I advice that if you are dieting or just
that you want to have a balance diet a smoothie like this will be great for you. Because it provides us with vitamins and helps us to
activate our metabolism to lose liquid, a marvel. For the energetic smoothie we will need: raw spinach, apple, pear, lime or lemon juice, although I’m using lime juice because I like it. Cold green tea and optional a little bit of honey. As you can see I’ve frozen the pear and apple,
diced and without removing the skin. Because the skin of these fruits contain a lot of
fiber, vitamins and essential nutrients. And if we remove the skin we will miss all
this that is so beneficial to our body. It goes without saying that if you remove the
skin of these fruits we must wash them well. Adding to apples and pears vitamins, they
are fruits that gives us a lot of energy. Also, I make this smoothie with green tea because
it stimulates the metabolism and helps us lose weight. So it gives us enough energy but without
exceeding our daily caloric intake. But if you prefer you can swap it with
another kind of tea or even cold water. Another strong point of this smoothie is the spinach. They are a great source of vitamin K. Which among another things it
helps us to fortify our bones. And, if it makes Popeye stronger we can get stronger too. For me, this smoothie is perfect for mornings. You can accompany it with toast or cereals
to complement it with carbohidrates and we will have a perfect breakfast for athletes
or any person who wants to have energy in the morning. This smoothie that I will show you now I
love to drink it before doing sports. And for it we will need: strawberries, banana, watermelon, raspberries, natural nonfat yogurt and optional a little bit of honey. I’m sure that many of you already know that banana is
very recommended to avoid those feared cramps during exercises. Also it has natural sugar that helps
us to have more stamina during a intense exercising session. Eating watermelon before exercising is also great. Because it hydrates us and helps us reduce our
heart rate and muscular pain the next day. The strawberries and raspberries
have a high vitamin C content. Very important for our health and our organism. Truth is that I stopped going to the gym between
maternity and lactation I have no time for anything. But I remember when I went to the gym I used
to prepare this smoothie in a couple of minutes. I used to love going out with my smoothie in my
hand and drink it on the way to the gym. You can feel the necessary energy
to handle a exercise session. And it’s also delicious. So you can’t miss it. These 3 smoothies are great for everyday life. Most of all for athletes or people with an active lifestyle. But be advised that they aren’t a substitute for a meal. I use them as a dietary supplement and to
get vitamins in a delicious and healthy way. I love to make smoothies. As a matter of fact, my freezer is full of diced and
divided fruits in rations to make smoothies at any moment. I hope that you try them and that you share your
pictures with me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. And as you know, If you liked the video click
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