2 Stroke Belt Grinder Build. Grind Anything Anywhere.

Welcome back everyone we’re here in the
middle of nowhere we’re doing some work getting our boots dirty and there’s
nothing worse than having to do some grinding in the field so I’ve been
inspired to build something I would love to be able to just grab the go-kart belt
grinder from the shop throw it over my shoulder pull it anywhere and grind
anything it’s definitely the best tool for the job but the thing is a 750 pound
beast that also needs that nuclear power point energy it’s just not feasible I’m
gonna be answering the question that nobody’s asked can I build something
like the go-kart belt grinder in order to make this grinder work we’re gonna
have to start from scratch I think we’re gonna start off with two wheels that I’m
gonna machine out on the lathe we attach a frame that’s gonna space the wheels
out to run a 2 by 42 inch belt and then power it by some sort of power unit to
help drive these two wheels in order to have the best power unit it needs to be
compact lightweight wieldy versatile portable rugged dependable and of course
powerful the chainsaw it’s been perfected over
the last hundred years it’s definitely the best tool to use can I make the most
powerful portable belt grinder let’s head back to the shop and see if I can
build a chainsaw powered belt grinder so here’s my plan I’m gonna be reusing the
clutch off the side of the chainsaw I want to add this flexible coupling to
drive the wheel so I got to figure out how I’m gonna add this coupling to this
clutch so let’s tackle that next now that the driveline and the axle have
been machined out I want to build a billet aluminum drive wheel so let’s
build ourselves one that’ll be able to handle the RPMs this piece is sixty
sixty one seven inch round will work nicely for this wheel I’ve got the billet aluminum wheel all
finished up we’ve got the groove inside here for the belt hopefully this will
help the belt track it such ridiculous rpms as you can see the pulleys flopping
around on this flexible driveshaft coupler so we’re gonna need to tie the
pulley in and give it some support to the frame of the power unit so let’s
tackle that next here’s what we got I went ahead and made
two Drive rollers one is just a hard wheel that has some crown in it and then
one’s a contact wheel that you’d normally see on a belt disc sander and
we’ll play around with which one works best so we can change these out when
need be and then we have this pull out sleeve and this is what’s gonna provide
the tension for the belt so here’s the spring that I’m using it’s off of a
porch swing that I got from Home Depot and I’ve actually cut it in half and
then I had to grind down the the diameter so it fits nice and snug in
there so really like the way this looks so strap next and a platen and we’ll get
this thing going Oh smell of leather holy moly I didn’t have this ten years
ago I think the concept for a portable belt grinder is totally doable now that
I know that it works we can make the scream out aluminum to tried to lighten
it up a little bit more the strap worked great I can just let go of the saw and
it just swings to my side I don’t have to drop it in the mud
power holy smokes this thing has a lot of power having a flat platen on the
grinder man amazing I’ve never had that accessibility for out here in the field
bail tracking spot-on worked way better than I anticipated it not having you
those moving parts to come loose just adding these two rails on the side the
best thing ever I think this fits right in with the arsenal is my chainsaw and
my hot saw know I got my portable grinder too and I can just throw all
three in the back of the truck and I can almost do anything pretty special that
was super fun thank you guys for joining me I gotta get back to work and I’ll
catch you on the next one

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