2 Minute Energy Boosting Smoothie

Sometimes you’re not in the mood to
prepare a big meal or sometimes you just don’t have the time but you want to get
that energy boost and you want to be able to have something quick in the
morning but you don’t have time to cook. This is a problem but I have the
solution. At a lot of these club warehouses they’re offering some wonderful things that you could totally take advantage of. For example these
organic juices. I mean this is organic carrot juice now I know when you see
carrot juice the first thing you’re not thinking is mmm carrot juice, but
believe me it makes a spectacular foundation for a quick and easy and
healthy energy boosting organic breakfast treat or afternoon pick-me-up
instead of coffee. What I do is I purchased one of these organic frozen
packages that has a blend of vegetables and has a blend of fruit in it this
particular one is not a thousand percent my favorite it’s pretty close ,see I like
to try to avoid as many carb intakes as I can and usually when this is sold at
Costco it’s just berries and kale and spinach but they added bananas to it. It
happens to be the last ingredient so it’s not terrible I would prefer if the
bananas weren’t in it and guess what if you want you could
take the bananas out. You want to do this quickly and easily and fast make it and
go and I don’t want to take out a blender and blend this stuff up so what
I like to use is a handheld emulsifier. This particular emulsifier here is
really awesome and they don’t make it anymore. A lot of the stuff that I overuse at my restaurant makes it to this house and
it’s okay. If you’re gonna buy one of these and you’re gonna be juicing
regularly I don’t recommend you go cheap there’s a link below to a couple that I
think are really exceptional. I deal with the company called webstaurant store I
really like webstaurant store a lot they have really fantastic prices. The
downside is sometimes their shipping can be a little pricey but besides that
you can get some commercial quality emulsifiers at a really fair price. If you’re
just gonna be doing this once in a blue moon I don’t recommend you pick one up
from webstaurant store but there’s a link for a couple options down below.
making this juice is extremely simple. I just take my beverage holder
whatever you carry with you and this carrot juice here only has 40 sorry 70
calories for eight ounce serving so if and there’s four servings here is 32 ounces so if you put in 8 ounces of the carrot juice then you take out a package of
these they’re really convenient they come prepackaged, now a whole package is a lot so I kind of use half, but you can use as much as you want and one package has 110
calories so if you use this whole package you’re talking about a hundred
and eighty calories which is really insignificant. So I’m gonna pour in as
much as I need here and I’m kind of gonna well I’ll just throw the bananas
in there too. So if you see a half a package of this, I’m drooling here/ It’s so
good a half a package of this with the juice almost fills up this 20 ounce container.
Then I’m just going to use my emulsifier and blend it up. That just gets rinsed off in the sink
you’re done. Put your lid on your drink and you’re ready to go. The thing that’s
lacking from this is protein now if you want to add protein to this you can put
in some nuts. Its not going to give you a huge amount of protein and I’m not a big
fan of these protein blends but the one thing that I have used in the past is a
pea powder a protein pea powder which is really kind of a nice alternative. It
doesn’t have much flavor it gives you a significant amount of protein. I put a
link with it below you can purchase that from Vitacost
so you can add a little protein powder to this. Sometimes I throw some almonds
in there if I feel like chewing it up a little bit like if want a chewy
texture, I’ll put some almonds in there. This is a really great and delicious
breakfast treat, afternoon treat, instead of a coffee treat and from this package
if you only use half a bag ,which is what I used you’ll have 16 smoothies a week
for like around 15 dollars so Cheers! Stay healthy enjoy organic and thank you
for tuning in. That’s so good

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  • Wow, that looks delicious. Thanks for the recipe. I am definitely going to try that. Perfect idea for a busy schedule!!

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