130 Juiced Chili Pepper Challenge, and nearly got suffocated

Hello! And welcome to another hot chili tasting challenge with The Twin Brothers Last time we juiced 23 of the worlds hottest chilis We juiced to types, Trinidad Morgan Scorpion and Caroline Reapers. And that wasn’t funny! It put fire in your ass! You struggled a lot, but lost anyway! So I won $75 But today we go all in! As my mother always told us! Why do it 50% when you can do it 100% It was always moms magic words! – right! Today we have gotten 130 of the worlds hottest chilis in the world! we have 65 of Trinidad Morgan with 1.500.000 scovilles and 65 caroline Reapers with over 2.000.000 scovilles so we have a whole pile of chili peppers, that we are going to juice! Hell yeah! and a litlle tip for you viewers out there! if you have some intestinal problems like, tapeworms, pinworms, ringworms or parasites and all that shit then have one of these chili shots and 24 hours later, and it past throught your systeme, then here will be no parasites or other creep left! It’s important to maintain your tarm systeme Should we start juicing? there is $ 150 on the line for the winner the one that takes a sipe from the milk first, looses. and the winner goes home with $150 like last time! and isn’t it $75 worth – Damn right it is! Money, is something you will never get enought of! Let us throw some chili peppers in the juicer! And get some juicing time! – lets juice some peppers!!!!! lets start the monster! holly shit, this is some hevy stuff! It is hot! – this will be one hell of a horror. This will be bad! – it already irritates my throat. Are you read? – No wait, lets put some more in! Wooow now it’s coming. – yeah, oooooh fuck! open it, open it! – Fuck I can’t breath! this is some really hefty shit! holly shit, this will be the worst killer ever! open it, open it. – Wait until it stops! it’s starting to irritate my eyes and in my throat! This will be some horror! woow there is coming a lot now! I feel sorry for us now! It will be impossible to swollow. – we’ll find out very soon! it is almost impossible to breath! – I did’t know that it would be this bad! This will be interesting, very interesting! vitamins is always good for you! vitamins c is great! – there is a high content of vitamin c in chilis – no one has been damaged of to much. uhhh, this will be great! Lets throw some water in, so we can get it all! Yes Super. That is enough wooow, this is hot! you want me to pour? Take a look at this and see that beautiful color in here! People can’t tell us that we don’t get our vitamins! It will be interesting to see if we can get the 5 shots down! anyway it will get your intestinal systeme going! Last time I sat on the toilet for hours! It was like pissing from the wrong hole! So this time, I think that it will be big beam into the toilet! That will acid the lacquer of the toilet! This time I promise you won’t be the one getting the most! – I’ll make sure it will be fair this time! Why the hell should I get the thick stuff! we’ll just switch some of them. – Damn right, else it will be unfair! What about that one over there there is almost nothing in it????? – you cheat like hell! you will get one of these, because they are hot as hell! If this isn’t hardcore, then I don’t know what is! cause this is really stupid! Some have to do it! And all you kids out there, don’t do it, becauce it is going to be hot as hell! if you got just a little dick skin in your mouth, it will be like hell! We eat a lot of chili every single day, so we are hardened! Lets get going! Twin Borthersssss! come on hurry up! wooow it is bad! woow it’s good! ahh I got it in my eyes! It’s really bad Torben! Lets take the last one, before it’s to late! You look like an epileptic. – Your ares are all over the place! ouuuh its bad! We won’t do this again Peter! I think I am going to faint! It’s a real horror! And it’s not funny at all!!!!! – I will never do this again! I give up Torben!!!! – Okay, thats fair! Fuck it! Thanks for watching. – See you soon at our next challenge! Hello, and welcome back! 1½ hour has past since we drank 5 chili shots each. we regret it big time, and for you out there that wants to try the same stunt, I can only say Don’t do it, it gives you unspeakable stomachache and really hurts. we were close to faint more than once, because it was to difficult to breath. We tried t throw it all up by vomitting, but we couldn’t I feel a bit better now, but we were close to calling the ambulance for my brother, because of the extreme stomach pains So guys don’t do it, we have done it so you won’t have to! I got my lesson. – Yeah me to. – And my brother did to! – I will never du it again! From now on the chili challenges is over. We have done, what needed to be done. No more Chili challenges Thanks for watching and keep safe!

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