10 Day Juice Fast/Feast W/ Juicing Momma-WEIGH-IN VIDEO

good morning today is February 10 we’re
doing a 10-day juice fast juice feast with juice and Mama you can also join us
if you would like to this is a only way in video for the first day that I’m on
the juice fast I might do an update video later but I at least want to tell
you what my starting weight is it’s early in the morning so I’m all over the
place you can see that I’m barely getting out
my words so what further ado let’s see how much I weigh I won 67 points six so I’m up a little
let’s do it again because I did my refeed after my four day dry pass one
sixty seven point six so that is my starting weight and then I’ll do a
weigh-in video on the tenth day complete day of the juice fast bye

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