#1 Blender addon review: Window generator

Hello! I decided to start a new series of videos
where I test different Blender addons to make short reviews of those. Mostly we are going to focus on the commercial
addons because that is where you can save some money when you know little bit more about
addon before buying it. Maybe you don’t afterall need the addon? Or maybe you didn’t know such addon exists? In that kind of situation you will save some
time when you use the addon that makes the complex jobs for you faster than what it would
take to do so manually. The first addon is The window generator Currently window generator is worth 10 $ money,
Window generator was made for a specific need the developer, From his product page I understood that he
was modeling a spaceship for a client who was asking all the time more and more microscopic
small details to the very huge spaceship he was modeling, windows. After that painful experience he realized
that it takes too much time to model so much small windows every time by hand to all of
his models. So he came up an idea to create an addon that
will do the job for him automatically. Window generator. How the version of window generator I use
at this moment works? You select the faces of a model where you wanna add windows. Then you press “SPACE” and write in the search
field “generate windows”. That will start the addon and now it will
add to the selected faces the windows with the settings you used previously. Side note: It would be a smart idea to save
a copy of your model to the other layer before adding windows, because this will very easily
make your low poly object to be a high poly and reversing the window generator is
quite hard process if you can’t undo it anymore. The addon supports only quad faces. There are some situations where it does not
know how to solve some situations, so it will generate weird artifacts. For example with this cube it generates to
the top and to the bottom this very strange dense mesh even when I have selected all faces,
this top and bottom faces included. To fix that, I need to have the “dissolve
unwanted vertices” and “edges” selected and it will create an NGON to the top and
bottom faces.” I think it is a smarter idea to dissolve those
than have this very horrible mess there. I realized that the problem is somehow related
to the face angle. If the face is aligned to z-axis, it doesn’t
do the operation correctly. I have no more knowledge for why it is doing
that, but it’s good to have in mind when working with this addon. If I move only slightly some vertex in the
top face, it will work but might still create some strange results. Also the window sizes are based on the sizes
of the faces, so if you have different faces, you will also have different windows on those
faces with the same settings. So if I have smaller faces, will the windows
be smaller also. You can work with that in a way that you know
the size of your faces and add the windows individually to the faces where you need less
them, just like I am doing with this another object. The more you add windows, the slower the addon
is becoming That’s because it has to do more calculations. I will forgive that to it, because it would
take days with the manual method to do similar results. Also, adding that many windows is little bit
too extreme anyways. The smarter idea is to select the faces where
you wanna add the windows and the other faces where you wanna add more windows. Ideally the addon works when you select row
of faces and then activate the addon. The addon is good, but not perfect. I can see myself using this addon in the kind
of tasks where I need lots of this kind of holes to my mesh surface in the future. For the scifi micro details stuff I think
it works very nicely. My feedback to the developer is to first of
all, thank you for the great tool, and then please can you fix the z-aligned faces problem
and create duplicate of the mesh automatically, so we don’t destroy anything. It would also be nice to have a mode where
the windows are completely separated from the mesh. Just window models added to the surface of
the original mesh. By that way we could hide or delete them very
fast. Also, because the addon has so much settings,
some sort of presets would help a lot. For the “Window generator”, I will give 3 stars. The add-on is good, but you don’t need it every time. But when you need it, it’s very handy. So if you do Sci-fi stuff, this maybe is must have, but if you do But if you do something like.. uh organing modeling, then maybe you don’t need this. very much The link to the addon page is in the description. Thanks for watching and have a nice day

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  • Thanks for the solid review MrSorbias and helpful feedback! Plenty of good ideas for me to add.

    In response to the issue of adding faces to the top, there is a drop down option called "Orientation" that should help you. By default, the windows are created from the top edge down to the bottom edge in world space. This means that faces that are perfectly horizontal won't have windows applied by default. However, by changing the "Orientation" drop-down to Front-Back the faces will be created from the front edge to the back edge in world space, fixing your problem. This is described in the documentation but perhaps is unclear, I will put some more description of it in with a screenshot.

    The artefacts that are created which you can dissolve is because the add-on works by first subdividing the selected edges. In the case of a cube, where the top face has all its edges selected, this will cause the top face to get subdivided as well. As you correctly said, selecting the 'dissolve' options should try and fix this. In the future I will have a look to see if there are other ways to prevent this from happening but it is difficult to fix.

    I think all your ideas for improvement are very useful:
    – Providing an option to create a duplicate of the original mesh.
    – Providing an option where the windows are created a separate from the original mesh.
    – Adding Presets for commonly used configurations.

    Many thanks and if you have any questions let me know,


  • I would like it if you make videos on addon that are free, why? because Blender is Free and most people can easily find places to spend money like Hardops, Retopoflow and so on. But videos on interesting ways to use the lesser known free addons are what are truly missing in the Blender community.

  • You think u can model one or both of these images in a blender speed model or tutorial plz? https://plus.google.com/114318542078970771649/posts/BpGtnWzFcHu

  • Hiya, very nice and informative video. Looking forward to more ones. 🙂 Will you compare these two commercial addons: hard-ops and Ice Tool Pro ? I wonder what is more comfy and powerful, so it would be wise to choose cooler one. 🙂

  • this looks good addon to create windows, as 3d. but there is another way also to create them wich takes some time, first u need to make overlay texture for emission and frames and then add it to texture in node tree, and also u could do bump map for it too but i dont know how terriple it will be. o and plus size is u save on polys 🙂

  • Good overview. I think the final verdict was a bit weird, because you can't decide on rating based on how often you need that function. Rating should reflect how good the addon does the function it promises to do. The fact that not everyone will need it is obvious, it's based on the project you are making.

  • Didn't realize he had a Window Gen, I'm gonna definitely get this one too! 😀 ( I hate trying to make windows.. A few is okay but lots becomes a problem.. )

  • But how can I create procedural interior window textures ? Can you or someone explain I can achieve this effect. I found this pdf doc explaining the process but it's waay too complex for me to understand http://www.leiy.cc/publications/procwin/procwin.pdf

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