🔴 Обзор Бетономешалки из Бочки своими руками ✔️ Ручная: DIY Concrete Mixer

I want to make a review
my concrete mixer of the mixer is not it is always possible to order and therefore it was
this concrete mixer is usually made 100 liter barrel sawn from above
grinder cover here here are the hinges here the hook closes such supports
pretty simple bottom steaming welded necessarily
weld 4 to fix these into the ground pins stick into the ground they are somewhere
54 centimeters each stick groups tightly in principle they and
so suspenders all the barrels go into the ground so it will be stable here
such a general view from afar here’s the crank up the manual drive
here a piece of pipe here grease stuffing more soi on the other hand see
black in solidol everything is starting to rotate I want to say inside and preferably
weld at an angle you see these corners
the mixer in general then will be mixing doctors rotation
mixing faster will be small and here centimeters 3 4 shelf here is such a sheet
weld no longer need this enough not to say that there are many revolutions but there
seen in quality shuffled fast i’m that way
fill in the masks fill in means the floors somewhere concrete here to make this barrel
elementary just fast well agenda the mixture will be better than
shovels somewhere in the trough knead well small volumes insanely in the carriage
knead for this i have hammer drill and nozzle now I will show you
what tasks is suitable for this well it looks like here on a drill here
punch adapter and punch powerful and that’s it
more volume is needed there 4to za little thing mixed up
carefully and poured so that the rain did not dare I from above
we cement that is sprinkle a little more and then I close it on a hot day and she
should be something like this week better all bacillus fans and well what
rainfall does not fall does not wash off families because of the solution will not work strong
excuse okay it’s already carried away by the review barrels finished if you like it
subscribe to my channel and up to new meeting friends bye

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