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Namaskar! Welcome to Nishamadhulika.com Today, we will make the best heat buster drink , Gulab Sharbat. Lets see what ingredients we require for making Gulab sharbat. We have taken 40 peices rose petals weighing 250 grams. 1 kilogram sugar. 6 to 7 or 250 grams lemons. 1 peice beetroot of 100 to 125 grams. 1 cup basil leaves. 1/2 cup green coriander leaves. 2 to 3 tbsp green coriander leaves 8 to 10 peices green cardamom. To make Gulab sharbat first
of all we will put the rose petals in hot water
and soak the petals in it. Take 2 cups of water and heat it . Crush the rose petals with your hands
or crush it in a stone grinder. Till the water is heating we will crush the rose petals. I have crushed all the rose petals and the water is also heated up now. Turn off the stove and put the petals in the water. Dip the petals properly into water. The rose petals should be clean and washed properly before dipping in the water. We have dipped the petals in the water
Cover the container with its lid and keep it for 5 to 6 hours so that rose’s
essence might be immersed in the water. Peel off the beetroot and
then cut it into small peices so that it can be
minced properly in the mixer. Cut the coriander in big proportions Put both the ingredients in the jar. Now also put the fresh peppermint Put basil leaves into the jar with 1 cup of water. And mince them properly in the mixer. Put the mixture in a container and boil it for 2 to 3 minutes to remove the rawness of the vegetables. Boil for two minutes and turn off the stove and let it cool. After it cools down filter it. Take 5 cups of sugar Use 3 cups for syrup and 2 cups for the sugar powder. Put 3 cups sugar in the container for the syrup . Add 1 cup of water Turn on the stove Heat it till it the sugar dissolves in the water and become syrup. Take 2 cups of sugar grind it to make it in a powder form. Put the green cardamom in grinder it in the grind it properly . The powder sugar is ready The sugar has dissolved in the water and our syrup is ready. The rose petals will be taken out after 6 hours . The syrup will cool down When the grinded ingredients cool
down and all the ingredients cools down we will mix them
together to make Gulab sharbat. After 6 hours we will filter everything and mix it together . First of all, we will filter the juice of beetroot , green coriander and fresh pepperment leaves. Then sieve the rose petals water. And now we will Mix the sugar syrup we prepared with the filtered rose water. Also add the sugar and green cardamom powder. Mix it properly. The sugar and green cardamom will balance the juice and make the sharbat thick. At the end ,squeeze the lemons one by one and put its juice into the Sharbat and mix it. Squeeze the lemons one by one We have mixed the lemon juice with the sharbat Let us filter the sharbat again And now we have our concentrated Gulab Sharbat ready. Put it in a bottle and store it in the Refrigerator and you can use it till 1 month . Whenever you want to make the Sharbat put its 1/6 proportion in a jug. Put some water. Mix it well To serve the sharbat put 6 to 7 cubes of ice in a glass and pour the sharbat. Now, youre Gulab Sharbat is all ready to drink. You can make your Sharbat , drink it and share your experiences at Nishamadhulika.com We shall meet again soon with a new recipe.

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