Компактный погружной блендер “Bosch MSM67165RU” для маленькой кухни.

Greetings to all on the channel! Today I want to introduce you to such a blender. Submersible blender from the company “Bosch”, model MSM67165RU. I bought a gift for my daughter for 130 Bn – a little more than $ 60. Made in Slovenia. The package bundle is illustrated here on the box. On top of the foam is such a small adapter made of plastic. All items are also packaged here in foam in appropriate cells. Now I will extract them and get to know them better. And besides, there is some documentation here. 2 instructions for using the blender itself and nozzles in English and Russian with illustrations. We will definitely study. And such a footcloth from newsprint. It sets out additional safety measures. Warranty card from the store. I purchased it in an online store in Minsk at this address, if anyone is interested. It is called “Technique”. There is a whole line of similar models: MSM66020, -120, -130 and so on. And here in this table, the instructions provide what elements a particular model is equipped with. There is such a blender with two buttons. One of them is “Turbo”. Here’s the top speed controller. Their 12. This is a smooth adjustment. The handle is rubber, or, as they say, soft-touch. Here is glossy plastic. It shows the operating modes and power of 750 watts. Gearboxes are connected here. And some characteristics are presented here, well, the main thing is the power parameters. There are 2 buttons on the sides to remove the nozzles. The cord with the euro plug is 140 cm long in my case. The kit includes such a metal whisk with a special gearbox. The gearbox allows using the gears installed in it to increase or decrease the speed of revolutions. I hear how it works. He himself is made of plastic, a metal whisk, as I said. When working, the blender makes a small sound. The speed can be adjusted. Buttons without fixing. This is the Turbo button. Of course, he twitches a little in his hand. I will show you how the whisk rotates. There is such a container made of transparent plastic. The upper value here is 600 ml. Such a plastic cover to it. Well, very soft plastic, almost like rubber … It closes tightly. This puree nozzle allows you to mix some kind of soft ingredients. All of it is made of plastic. Here are wide blades and perforated plastic here. Such is the cover. Inside a metal shaft. Ah, I forgot, I didn’t immediately put this reducer out of the foam, respectively, for this nozzle for mashed potatoes. Snap in by turning. There are such protrusions. And so it is fixed by turning – once, once. Next we put on a blender here. There is such an assistant here as fixing, probably, these blades. Yes. They are removable and can be cleaned. Yes, with the help of a gearbox, the speed slows down here significantly. I will set the maximum speed. Here is such an option. To extract it, I click on the side buttons. Yes, it pops up easily. There is also a plastic container with a chopper. Here its volume is not indicated, just the value Maximum. The cover opens by turning counterclockwise. Here is the knife. Such 2 metal blades. Very sharp. You can cut some salad. If you are going to process vegetables, you will need this container. Fall asleep at the maximum mark some vegetables, fruits. Fix the blender here. It turns out here is such a stationary option. And turn it on, work. If you remove this knife, then you can store something here. To do this, there is the same cover made of soft plastic. It is also worn tightly enough. And for mixing different cocktails, smoothies have such a nozzle. And here again, some kind of advertising sticker. She is made of metal. There is also a small metal knife. We connect to the blender, so in this way, we lower it into the container. For example, you can use this glass. And mix. If you have a small-sized kitchen, and a modest budget does not allow you to purchase a large food processor, and there is no place to store nozzles, then it is quite possible to purchase such a kitchen assistant for $ 60. I recommend. The link will be in the description. I say goodbye to you. Alexander was with you. See you on the channel. Until!

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